You’re My Valentine!

This week the kids have been learning about valentines and more community helpers, such as: Doctor, nurse and construction worker.

During Creativity Butterflies made an x-ray using q tips and tracing their little hand with chalk. Also, they made a nurse hat using foamy, large sequins, and glitter. They really liked to wear their Nurse hats. Also, we made a beautiful heart using their hand prints and decorated it with shinny flowers and butterflies. When we started learning about construction workers, our kiddos created a construction kit. They colored some tools and pasted them on their tool box.

At Circle time,  Mr. Mike dressed up as a doctor and showed them many utensils that doctors use. Such as the stetoscope, tongue depressers, band aids, flash lights and much more. We also reviewed with them the song and rhyme of Victor and Valeria Valentine. Our little ones enjoyed it very much!

Today we had our Valentines party. They were really excited sharing their goodies with their friends. We made a circle and each child had a chance to give each friend their present. We are learning to take turns and being patient.

Next week we will learn about transportation, fire fighters, garbage collectors and space astronauts.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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