Welcome To The Jungle!

We were so happy to see you all back at kinder! Everyone is so much taller, faster and louder! The Turtles are not so tiny anymore!

We started this week with the jungle animals theme. Kids already knew so many words, such as: zoo, lion, monkey, tiger and zebra. They also learned about an alligator and an elephant.

During Exploration Time, we played with stuffed animals and puppets. The kids loved hugging them and making the sounds of several jungle animals.

Our Creativity projects were an elephant and an alligator. They already know how to use a brush and a sponge. Each one picked their favorite colors to paint their crafts.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Children’s Day and the kids had a blast! They had a delicious snack, watched a wonderful puppet show, danced to the famous Disney songs and got many gifts from the teachers and Mr. Mike. Everyone left super happy!

Next week we will continue learning more about the Jungle.

Have a great weekend!

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