Welcome To Our Jungle!

We were very happy to see our Big Bears back with us after vacation! On Tuesday, We had a very exciting Children´s Day Party. The Big Bears were involved in different activities: choosing and having their face or arm painted, watching and participating in the Disney puppet show, hitting the piñata, and having a great snack.. They enjoyed every moment!

Our Big Bears started learning about different jungle and zoo animals. This new theme has made us practice and learn new movements and sounds.

During Physical Development, we have been pretending we are in the jungle / zoo. Our kids love to sing and act: “Elephants Have Wrinkles”, “Five Little Monkeys”, “Going to the Zoo”, and role-play many other songs. You should see their little faces expressing lots of excitement and happiness!

In Creativity class, the Big Bears have been making different animals using different techniques and materials. We are always looking to reinforce their fine motor skills.

We also will be practicing and learning new language patterns such as: “It´s mine”, “It´s yours”, “It´s empty”, “It´s full”, and many other opposites.

Next week we will continue learning about more animals.

Have a fun weekend and enjoy your child!

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