Welcome Big Bears!

Hello Big Bears!

We are so excited to start this school year, it will be full of new adventures and knowledge!

We loved spending time with you and your child! We hope you enjoyed your summer vacations and look forward for our new school year.

Please ask to join our private Facebook group Big Bears 2020 for current classroom information and photos.

Next week we will have lots of fun! Big Bears will be introducing themselves by name and who´s their favorite friend. We will continue to practice different activities and becoming familiar with our routines.

Big Bears will learn about school topics related to items in a classroom.

If you have any questions or doubts – please feel free to send an email bears@toddlertree.org or call Toddler Tree 83-56-83-44 and 83-56-83-30.

Get ready to have a Great Year! We send you Big Bear hugs 🙂

With love,

Ms. Caya & Miss Pau

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