We Love Pets!

Big Bears were very excited with our special visitors this week, their classmates’ pets. They learned their names, how to hold and take care of them. We also talked about the importance of respecting animals.

Big Bears are reinforcing tracing skilLs with several activities, such as: their name, lines, and circles.They really enjoyed doing this activity!

They had fun role-playing “Going to the Zoo!”, as well as making different sounds!

Next week we will learn about different sea animals and their habitat. Our students will have the opportunity to “live” under the sea. Each one will express what sea animal they would like to be! Also, we will pass around different inflatable sea animals and will have the chance to go (magnet) fishing. 🙂

We have been so proud of Big Bears throughout this year! They have been learning new rhymes and practicing all the ones they learned during their time at Toddler Tree.

As you know, next Tuesday May 28th. will be have our  “Preschool of Rock” program at Candy Gum Party Place in Plaza San Pedro. Big Bears are so excited practicing and trying to do their best for you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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