We Are Thankful!

This week our Caterpillars have been finishing learning all about Thanksgiving. They had lots of fun!

During Creativity they worked on a pumpkin pie by coloring a paper plate using orange markers and pasting cut out papers on it and of course some little marshmallows. Then when we started talking about vegetables, they painted and decorated a print out cauliflower with cotton. They loved to use paintbrushes, as well as feeling and playing with cotton.

At Physical Development they are having so much fun! We just started to practice for our Christmas Magical Kingdom program.

The kiddos played turkey chase with Mr. Mike during Circle Time. They ran smiling and laughing around using a pretend turkey. Mr. Mike also played the Indian dance song using his acordion and our Caterpillars danced away.

On Wednesday we had our Thanksgiving feast, the kids had the chance to try different types of food. They had turkey, sweet potato, corn, cranberries and smashed potato. It was a delicious meal. Also, all of the kids played games such as fishing, playing drums, pin the feathers in the turkey, relay of fruits and vegetables and they made a shaker using water bottles.

Have a wonderful restful long weekend!

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