Walking on Sunshine

This week we learned about Spring. The kids learned vocabulary words such as “spring”, “rainbow”, “umbrella”, “rain”, “plant” and “growing”.

For Morning Routine, we posted some videos about the days of the week, months of the year, shapes, colors and ABC’s. We also had Instagram Live videos.

Some Creativity ideas were bubble wrap paper as rain prints. handprint rainbow, flower, Leprechaun paper plate mask and fork flowers. Also, a DIY bean plant, we are excited to see how this little plant grows each day!

For Physical Development we shared ideas with songs like “Freeze Dance”, “Penguin Dance”, “The Exercise Game #1”, “Bunny Hop” and “Walking on Sunshine”.

You can follow Mr. Mike’s Circle Time at @toddlertreekinder Instagram account. 

Next week we’ll be learning about Easter!

Have an amazing weekend!

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