Tigers Love The Jungle!

Hello Tigers!

This week we have been learning a lot more about jungle animals, such as:  bear, jaguar, birds of paradise, forest, desert and reptile animals.

For Creativity we did several fun crafts, like: the hibernating bear, our hand print Jaguar, birds using plates, a paper owl and a sun clay snake. It’s wonderful to see all the photos you send us and we love to share them on our instagram account.

Have you seen Mr. Mike’s Circle Time through his Youtube videos? We love watching them everyday and feel excited to see how you Tigers get so happy when it’s your turn to earn a sticker. During the week he showed us many interesting activities, don’t miss the fun!

Thank you for joining our instagram lives from Monday trough Friday!  We get so thrilled when you guys join!

Don’t forget to watch our instagram videos, tutorials and Mr. Mike’s youtube channel. It is important for them to keep on learning at home and you as parents are the best teachers for them.

Next week our animal adventure will continue with pets! Stay tuned for more fun activities!

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

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