Stomping In The Jungle!

This week we learned more about jungle animals. Tiny Turtles learned vocabulary words such as “kangaroo”, “tiger”, “zebra”, “hippo” and “flamingo”.

On our Instagram LIVE videos, we used our jungle animals ABC’s to review the alphabet and animals. Also, we saw several pictures of jungle animals like a zebra, elephant, tiger and giraffe.

For Creativity, we made different crafts using a paper bag for the Kangaroo, a “Z” shaped zebra made out of foamy, a popsicle stick tiger, paper plate hippo and a handprint flamingo. We love seeing your art prohects, please keep sending us pictures.

Our Tiny Turtles always loved our Physical Development activities. On our Suggested Activities pdf we shared ideas and songs, such as: “Looby Lu Kangaroo”, “Zebra Cadebra” and “Happy Hippo”.

Did you enjoy Mr. Mike’s Circle Time? During the week he showed us many interesting activities. We loved watching “Jump along Joey”, “Zany Zebra”, “Terrific Tiger”, “Hungry Hippos” and “The Flamingo Dance”.

Next week we will continue learning about birds, desert and forest animals.

Have an amazing weekend!

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