Spring has Sprung!

We hope you had a wonderful week at home with your children. We miss them so much and wish we could be back at the kinder as soon as possible. However, we believe this will take a little bit more time. Hope this situation we are living today will get better and continue with our daily routine.

For Creativity we sent some ideas, such as: doing some flowers with egg cartons or with recycled material and planting a seed on jars or egg shells. We found out that some of you made them! It made us feel so happy you are having fun with your kids and creating things. Remember you can use any material substitutes that you may have at home There are always things you can use instead, they don’t necessary need to be the exact ones.

Our Butterflies love playing, so we recommend playing games with them, such as: the tossing balls, hide and seek, obstacle courses, etc. The kids will love whatever you do with them! Spending quality time with them is priceless!

Next week we will learn all about easter, making baskets, coloring eggs, easter bunny and playing hide and seek. Remember to check out Mr. Mike’s videos on instagram.

Hope to see you soon!

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