Shaping Up!

This week we had the opportunity to use different materials and learn about shapes. Tigers learned that a circle has no corners, a triangle has three straight sides and a square has four sides and four corners. They learned to identify shapes everywhere, like a circle (clock), a triangle (slice of pizza) and squares (picture frames). It’s wonderful to see how the kids are beginning to identify shapes all over the place!

Our Creativity class, was full of projects that helped us reinforce the themes and each kids fine motor skills. Tigers used sponges to print shapes on paper and had so much fun! They really enjoyed doing this activity!

During Physical Development, our kiddos reviewed shapes by finding them around the gym. We even had a chance to “create” some of them at warm up time.

Our topics for next week will be: Primary and Secondary Colors. Also, we will learn about Christopher Columbus for Columbus Day!

We love how Tigers are learning new rhymes!

As you may already know, on Thursday October 31st, we will be having our Halloween party and parade. Start looking for costumes so your child can participate. Try to find simple costumes for their own comfort. If possible, use make up instead of a mask, so it won’t obstruct their sight. 

Have a nice weekend!

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