S Is For Spring!

How are you doing? We hope you are enjoying our videos and are having lots of fun with all the activities and ideas we are sending you. This week was about reviewing spring. We learned about spring recycling, growing plants, flowers, trees, umbrella, rain, boots, and going to the park.

This week during Creativity our kids have been making a beautiful rain cloud with rainbow color string papers, they turned out lovely. You can paste the cloud in the window so everybody can see it. We also made an umbrella using a coffee filter and acuarelas or markers. Another day we worked on a dandelion using q-tips having the kids insert the q-tips on the styrofoam. This exercise reinforces their fine motor skills. Also. we made a flower using their hand print. You can stick it on a plant or in a bottle and use it as a centerpiece. Did you like the pasta flower activity? Was it fun coloring pasta and pasting it to form a flower? We sent two extra activities that included a caterpillar and an envelope with a paper to practice pre writing skills.

Next week we will be learning about ants, worms, ladybugs, fly, swatter and more insects.

We wish you good health and lots of happy memorable moments during this difficult time. We miss all of our Butterflies vey much. Please send them a huge hug!

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