Persistance: Developing A Growth Mindset

All living organisms, trees, flowers, animals, and even people require the right environment to grow and flourish. Consider a living tree- what does it need to grow?
A seed, sunshine, rain, soil, roots, leaves? A “mindset” is a different kind of environment. It’s the environment inside our brain where we first encounter new concepts. Science confirms that our mindset, or way of thinking, can have a big impact on how well we do in our lives. Like a locked door, negative, limiting thoughts can hold us back from being able to move forward!
This is called having a “fixed” mindset. Phrases like, “I don’t get it!”, “This is too hard!”, “I give up!”, and “I quit!” are examples of “fixed mindset” thinking. These phrases slow our growth and hinder our personal progress.
A “growth mindset” is thinking that unlocks the door, helping us make steady progress. A “growth mindset” creates a good environment for learning within our brains. Following are some phrases that can be used to develop a “growth mindset” in children.  Developing a “growth mindset” will help make excellent progress on the learning journey by creating the right environment within your child’s brain.
Growth Mindset Phrases
I can learn!
I believe in me!
I try different approaches to solve difficult problems.
My intelligence isn’t fixed; it can grow.
I take risks in classroom participation.
I am unique, creative, and imaginative.
I seek feedback and learn from criticism.
My mind is capable of steady growth!
I can learn from others.
Challenges help me grow.
A failure shows me where I can improve.
Setbacks are only temporary.
Failures are part of the learning journey.
I am patient with myself, I will not give up!
I will make consistent focused efforts.
I learn from both my successes and failures.
I work on my weaknesses and use my strengths to help others.
I never quit because persistence pays off.
“All things are difficult before they are easy!”
– Thomas Fuller

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