Old MacDonald Had a Farm!

Starting a new month this week we said hello to March and Introduced a new topic: the farm. Our little ones are learning new vocabulary, such as: farmer, mud,  barn, fence, tractor, plating and growing, crops, beans and of course all the farm animals.

During Circle Time Mr. Mike went to Grandpa’s Farm and dressed up as a farmer to show us all the animals in the farm. We sang new songs and heard each animal sound. They are having a lot of fun learning all about the farm.

At Creativity, our Butterflies are working on a two week project. First they made a barn using tongue depressors and painted it using sponge stamps. They also made a tractor using their footprint and a horse using their hand print. It turned out really cute! While learning about pigs, we showed them how they like to play on mud and using their hands with brown paint they  made a pig.

We also learned about cows and during Exploration Time the kids squeezed a plastic glove filled up with white paint and water. Each one had a chance to “milk” the cow. They really enjoyed this activity!

On Wednesday we had the firefighters visit at the kinder. They were so amazed to see how Mr. Mike transformed into a firefighter. He wore all the equipment that they use. All of the kids had the opportunity to hold the water hose and sprayed water. It was a great experience!

Next week we will continue learning all about the farm and its animals.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

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