Love You Mommy!

Big Bears have been very excited this whole week! They made a special gift for their mommies with lots of love. They all worked very hard on it for each of their mom’s.

They also practiced and wanted to share a rhyme with you.
I love Mommy
Yes I do !
Mommy loves Me
 Very much too!

In Mr. Mike’s Circle Time, Big Bears were enthusiastic role playing different situations like wearing masks or pretending to  be in the jungle. They had a great time imitating several sounds and movements.

During Creativity, they enjoyed making a jungle collage using different materials. Also, they are made different jungle animals using several techniques.

Next week we will have a special visit. A Vet is coming to the kinder to teach us more about pets and animals.

Hope you have a wonderful  MOTHER’S  DAY!

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