Let’s Go To The Zoo!

This week we learned about different animals that live in the zoo, such as: hippos, pandas, camels, kangaroos and parrots.

During Exploration time we played with little animal toys, our kiddos enjoyed imitating their movements and sounds.

This week, our Creativity projects included working with glue to paste the hippo’s teeth and paint to color the kangaroo’s belly.

Mr. Mike taught us about baby kangaroos that are called joeys in Australia. We role played kangaroos to the rhythm of “5 Little Monkeys” changing the words to “5 Little Joeys”. It was a lot of fun!

Today we had the Vet visit kinder and our turtles had a great time learning about different pets and how we have to treat them.

Next week we will learn more about pets. If you want to bring your pet, please let us know!

Dear parents we are so grateful for all the warm gifts from you for teachers day! Thank you very much, it was a great day to spend with your children!

Have a great weekend!

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