Leaves Are Falling!

As the leaves start turning brown and falling to the ground this season, Busy bees got to experience the changes in weather at Toddler Tree!

Creativity Class was also about Fall and its colors. They saw the difference between hot (red color) and cold (blue color). To review we pasted leaves on a dream catcher and made a big leaf with water and colorant. Also, for Halloween we made a spider Web using their fingerprints!

During Physical Development our kiddos enjoyed listening to Halloween music and exercising with a parachute, tambourines, hula hoops, and balls.  They pretended to be trees and watch the leaves fall for a “cool down” moment.

Cooperative play is getting easier and easier as the weeks pass by! They are able to take turns and share most of the time.

We are getting ready for Halloween, our Busy Bees are learning some rhymes.

As a reminder, we will have our Pixar Perfect Halloween Party on Thursday, October 31st. Please remember to send your children with a bag or something to collect their sweets in.

We hope you have a nice weekend!

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