Jungle Animals

This week we continued reviewing the Jungle Animals. The Tigers learned many things about giraffes, zebras and lions.

In Creativity class we made a Lion and a Zebra. To create the Lion, we used forks, orange paint and yellow construction paper. The Zebra craft helped us practice fine motor skills.

The kids carefully pasted black yarn to create stripes on it. Also, our Kids had a great time working on their Mother’s Day gift. Each one of them helped mix and pour and worked on it with lots of love and enthusiasm.

During Physical development we are practicing our choreography for the festivall. Our kids are making their best effort to learn all the steps and have fun while dancing.

Next week we will have a special visit, the Vet is coming to the kinder so we can continue learning more about animals.

We hope you have a great weekend and a fantastic Mother’s Day along with your kiddos!

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