If You Are Happy And You Know It..

This week we learned about feelings and the colors that represent them. In Creativity, we did a Kleenex box representing the different emotions. Our Bees enjoyed very much doing this activity.

During Story Time, we used several props to represent and express the theme of each book we read. The kids love using them and even got a turn to help. At Discovery Time, we filled balloons with flour and then drew a face expressing the feeling that corresponded to that color.

Our Kiddos really enjoy Physical Development, we have been reinforcing our motor skills using circuits. They also enjoy dancing and moving around!

Next week, we will talk about family. We look forward to learn about each other’s family members. On Wednesday, September 18th we will have the mime visit at the kinder.

As a reminder, next Monday 17th we don’t have classes, but we hope to see everybody back on Tuesday!

Hope you have a great long weekend!

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