I Love My Farm!

This week our kids have been continuing learning all about the farm and its animals. Mr. Mike has been Grandpa Mike from “Grandpa’s Farm” all week long.

Also, we have been working and finishing our little Farm project. It turned out super cute! Beautiful Butterflies were so proud of their work! The kiddos are identifying the farm animals and their sounds. Most of them already know most of the animals.

At our Morning Routine, we have been practicing identifying the different farm animals on the bulletin boards. Also, we have been using stuffed animals, toy animals, flashcards and many more resources to continue enriching them. We really enjoy hearing them repeat the animal sounds.

Next week we will introduce the theme about Spring. Our Butterflies will learn about plants and flowers, seeds and all about growing. We will also teach them about Spring Green and recycling.

Thank you and have a wonderful long weekend!

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