I Have A Pet!

This week we learned about our lovely pets! Kiddos told us about their dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters and rabbits. We even got to meet some! Our mommies brought their dogs to the kinder and everybody had a chance to pet them! It was very cute!

During Creativity Time we made several projects, such as: a bulldog using a paper plate, a cat that has whiskers using pipe cleaners, a cute colorful turtle and a delicious hamster! Oops! Yes, we ate it, cause it was made from sweet Twinkies with chocolate chips and fruit loops. Kids had so much fun!

During Physical Development Tiny Turtles are practicing for our Festival, that will take place on Wednesday, May 29th. We are so excited and feel so proud of them!

Next week we will start learning about sea animals.

Have a great weekend!

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