Hello May!

Hello Butterflies!

This week we continued to learn about insects and bugs. We reviewed about caterpillars and butterflies, then we introduced bees and their beehives.

For Creativity we had several crafts, such as: a bug in a branch using plastic spoons and a weekly pot project to plant seeds in it. Remember we need to put water it each day, we need to take care of our plantS. You will love to see how it grows day by day!

Did you enjoyed Physical Development time? We can imagine you had fun listening to the new songs such as: “Fuzzy Buzzy Honeybees” and “The Bees Go Buzzing.” Hopefully you also did some of the recommended exercises at home, such as: moving and crawling like a caterpillar.

We have been posting some fun learning videos on instagram. Make sure to check them out! You will see many surprises such as real insects, books, and fun ways to learn! We love to see your photos and we hope you also liked the balloon for Children’s Day! It was a lovely gift for you by Toddler Tree.

Next week we will learn about jungle animals such as elephant, monkey, lion, crocodile and giraffe!

Have an amazing weekend!

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