Having Fun At The Jungle!

Hello Parents!

This week our Butterflies learned more about animals, such as: bear, jaguar, owl, snakes, birds of paradise and some forest and desert animals. Their vocabulary about animals has been growing and they are able to identify new animals everyday.

During Creativity on Monday they made a cute little bear mask using a paper plate.. Then on Tuesday they made a jaguar handprint using orange and black paint. Afterward on Wednesday they made a paper plate bird and hopefully had fun decorating their bird with colorful feathers. Thursday came by and we practiced our motor skills by tearing up craft paper to then paste them and form an owl. Finally on Friday our Butterflies were able to decorate the sun clay snakes that they previously molded. Did you had fun playing with the clay and making a snake?

We had our weekly Zoom session on Tuesday. It is lovely to see those beautiful smiles. We reviewed the body parts and they shared some of their favorite toys. Also, we even identified some animals from Mr. Mike’s Animal Alphabet and Jungle posters.

have you been watching Mr. Mike’s Circle Time on his Youtube channel? Don’t miss them, you’ll have a great time!

Next week we will learn all about pets! Don’t miss our next Zoom session on Tuesday at 4:00pm so you can share with us your pets!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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