Happy Tigers!

Tigers had a great time expressing how they felt each day! During the week, we talked about feelings and emotions. Our Tigers learned they can be expressed through colors, body postures, facial expressions, etc.

At Creativity we made a giant Mexican flag, so the kids could learn about its colors and the meaning of our Mexican Independence Day celebration. Today we really enjoyed celebrating, thank you for dressing up your kids as Mexican Charros and Chinas Poblanas! They looked wonderful and had a great time.

All your children were very excited to see this week’s leader’s “Mystery Bag’s”. Our kiddos had lots of fun sharing the books / toys they brought to the kinder. The Mystery Bag will be sent home a day prior to the assigned date for you child to be the leader.

Next week we will start learning about family members. On Wednesday, September 18th we will have a special visit, a Mime will come and perform for the kids at the kinder.

Have a fun and save long weekend, see you next Tuesday!

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