Happy Children’s Day

This week we had lots and lots of fun! We had a party to celebrate the joy of Toddler Tree kinder… your children! For this special day, we had fun activities planned for them like a Disney puppet show, face painting, hitting a piñata and making bubbles.

Our Bees had so much fun! They had a nice picnic inside the classroom with cupcakes, sandwiches and chips. It’s truly a privilege to watch those happy faces, enjoying themselves and having a blast.

This week we started learning about jungle animals and for our Creativity class we made an elephant. They used balloons to simulate his big trunk.

During Story time, we read “The Monkey And The Crocodile.” kids loved showing their big teeth and snapping just like crocodiles do.

Next week we will be learning about giraffes, snakes, zebras, lions and monkeys.

We hope you have a great weekend!

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