Grandpa’s Farm

This week, the Turtles have been enjoying and learning new things about the farm. Vocabulary words were: farm, cow, horse, sheep, pig, mud, rooster, hen, chicks, ducks.

For Exploration, we played with some plastic animals and explored a sensory box, which they really liked. We also searched for new animals on the bulletin board. Every day, the kids learned about a different animal on the farm.

During Creativity class, we worked on a horse, using paint and brushes, as well as some yarn to imitate the horse’s mane. We also made a cute sheep using cotton balls and a duck decorated with real feathers. Kids loved to work on their beautiful art projects.

Physical Development Class has also been lots of fun for them since the music has been related to the farm. The kids love songs like When Pigs Get Up In The Morning, and Grandpa’s Farm.  They have also enjoyed riding stick horses and galloping to songs like Cotton Eyed Joe. 

During our morning routines, we have been reviewing numbers and parts of the body using different songs such as Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, as well as the Number Rock. Most of the kids are already able to count up to 20 all by themselves!

We are very excited about our Easter Party that will be on Wednesday, April 10th at Colonia Sierra Madre Park. Here is the agenda for that day:

9:45 am – arrival at the park

10:00 am – photo session with Easter Bunny

10:30 am – Parade of decorated scooters, trikes, cars or bikes (please assist your child in preparing it at home – check our website for ideas)

10:45 am – snack (provided by Spring room mothers)

11:00 am Egg Hunt (keep in mind your child needs a bag or basket for this activity)

As a friendly reminder, please remember to send confetti filled and colored egg shells for our party.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend with your adorable children.

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