Going To The Zoo!

Big Bears had fun learning about the jungle – zoo animals. They know how each one has something special, and how their habitats and characteristics are different.
Big Bears are practicing with great enthusiasm for our upcoming end-of-year program that will take place at Candy Gum on Tuesday  May 28th. They are really doing their best with Ms. Mely and enjoying every moment.
Today they were astonished paying close attention to all the comments and observations that the Vet told us during the visit. She showed them how to handle and care for a dog.
Next week, we will introduce pets. How each one is called, its needs and care as well as the differences between them.
If you have a pet and will like to share, please call Ms. Nora for an appointment. The pet will come with you and after sharing, please take it with you. The animals do not stay at kinder. Thanks for your cooperation.
We would like to THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your kindness and appreciation for such lovely gifts you gave us for Teacher’s Day.
and we would like to to express :
“Your child is the biggest gift you have shared with us this year!”
Have a wonderful weekend!

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