Fun In The Sun!

This week we learned about the beach. Our kiddos learned vocabulary such as sand, sea, beach, shells and pool.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed us 5 little frogs sitting on a log. He also gave the little ones sunglasses, so they could pretend to be at the beach. They loved it!

Creativity was so enjoyable! One of the activities the Caterpillars liked was using celery and paint to recreate fish scales. Their favorite project though, was making a puffer fish with black foamy and plastic balls with spikes, in order to make the puffer fish’s peaks. They also made a beach ball and sea shells with paper plates and watercolors.

During Physical Development, we danced along to “Surfing USA” while pretending to be on a surfing board. But, their all-time favorite activity is singing and dancing along to “Baby Shark”.

Next week we will be learning more about summer fun. On June 13th, we will have our summer activities with water. Kids will have fun outside with big bubbles, inflatables and water guns. It’s going to be so much fun! Please send an extra set of clothes and water diapers for that day.

Enjoy your weekend!

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