“F” Is For Farm!

This week we talked and learned about farm animals: their habitat, food that some may provide us with and the different sounds each one makes.

Our Big Bears found that the rooster is the one who crows each morning, to wake all the farm friends. They also learned the different animal families and their specific members as each one has a specific name.

During this week we practiced singing: “Mary had a Little Lamb” and learned a new rhyme called “One, Two, Tie My Shoe”. Please ask your child to share the new things he/she has been learning with you!

Big Bears enjoyed milking the cow. You should have seen their faces!

Our kiddos have also been very busy and excited making a farm doing creativity. They used different techniques and materials.

During Physical Development, Big Bears have fun jumping, galloping, and balancing in different obstacle courses and circuits. At the end, we are practicing different relaxation techniques.

We want to remind you that our Easter Party is coming up soon. Please send as many eggshells as you can already painted with confetti. We really appreciate your help very much.

Next week we will continue talking about the farm.

Have a nice weekend!

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