Enjoying The Jungle!

hi Busy Bees!

How was your week? We have been learning about  so many animals! Did you enjoy doing your crafts? Which one was your favorite one? Thank you for sharing photos, it’s lovely seeing our kiddos doing the projects.

This week we also shared some experiments! How about those? Did you like them?

At Mr. Mike’s Circle Time daily videos, he shared with us many exciting activities and fun songs! Have you watched them on his Youtube channel?

Also, remember to check out our instagram account for videos and tutorials related to the topic of each day.

Next week we are going to learn about two furry friends that we all love, dog and cat! We are also going to explore more pets, such as: turtle, rabbit, frog, fish, hamster and parrot. Hope you love and enjoy this topics as much as we do!

Take care, we love you!

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