Brown Bear, What Do You See?

This week we learned about desert, forest and jungle animals. We learned about birds, too. The kiddos learned vocabulary words, such as: “bear”, “jaguar”, “umbrellabird”, “snake” and “owl”.

Did you had fun with Mr. Mike at Circle Time through his Youtube videos? We are enjoying them everyday!

For Creativity, we made several projects like: a hibernating bear using popsicle sticks and cotton, a handprint jaguar, paper plate birds, an owl and a salt clay snake.

On our Instagram Lives we have been reviewing the calendar, as well as the animals ABC’s. We love your participation on them! Remember to join every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 a.m. on our Tiny Turtles Instagram account.

Next week we will be learning about pets. We would love to meet yours!

Have an amazing weekend!

Stomping In The Jungle!

This week we learned more about jungle animals. Tiny Turtles learned vocabulary words such as “kangaroo”, “tiger”, “zebra”, “hippo” and “flamingo”.

On our Instagram LIVE videos, we used our jungle animals ABC’s to review the alphabet and animals. Also, we saw several pictures of jungle animals like a zebra, elephant, tiger and giraffe.

For Creativity, we made different crafts using a paper bag for the Kangaroo, a “Z” shaped zebra made out of foamy, a popsicle stick tiger, paper plate hippo and a handprint flamingo. We love seeing your art prohects, please keep sending us pictures.

Our Tiny Turtles always loved our Physical Development activities. On our Suggested Activities pdf we shared ideas and songs, such as: “Looby Lu Kangaroo”, “Zebra Cadebra” and “Happy Hippo”.

Did you enjoy Mr. Mike’s Circle Time? During the week he showed us many interesting activities. We loved watching “Jump along Joey”, “Zany Zebra”, “Terrific Tiger”, “Hungry Hippos” and “The Flamingo Dance”.

Next week we will continue learning about birds, desert and forest animals.

Have an amazing weekend!

Walking In The Jungle!

This week we learned about jungle animals, our kiddos learned vocabulary words such as “giraffe”, “crocodile”, “monkey”, “lion”, “tiger” and “elephant”.

Join us on our Instagram Lives! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11a.m. This week we told stories about jungle animals and even a puppet show with a baby lion!

For Creativity, We had several fun crafts! On Monday, we made a handprint Giraffe. It looked so pretty! Then, Tuesday was so exciting because we made elephants in the jungle using our handprints and fingerprints. The rest of the week we made a crocodile and monkeys project, we used handprints as we. All of these crafts help our little ones to experiment different techniques and textures.

Did you enjoyed our Physical Development suggestions? The song “Walking in the Jungle” by Super Simple Songs, its a great one for learning about jungle animals and the sounds they make. It also helps them to follow instructions.

Sunday is going to be a special day to celebrate Mommy! We hope you enjoying baking cookies with Mommy! Please remember to share pictures with us!

Next week we will continue learning more about jungle animals!

Have a nice weekend!

Bye-bye April!

This week we learned more about bugs. We learned vocabulary words such as “worm”, “spider”, “caterpillar”, “butterfly”, “dragonfly” and “firefly”.

For Creativity we uploaded several tutorials about a bug on a branch and a beautiful pot. Throughout the week, we used our handprints to make grass, and fingerprints to make bugs on our pot. Finally, today we used soil to plant some seeds! Please send us photos of your plant as it grows.

Yesterday was Children’s Day and we made a surprise visit! Thank you so much for letting us go to your homes. We enjoyed so much seeing you, we love you so much! Hope you had a wonderful and special day. Also, you had a Children’s Day Zoom Party with Mr. Mike and Miss Mely. It was a blast!

Next week we will be learning about jungle animals.

Have a lovely weekend!

A Bug’s Life!

This week we learned about bugs. Some vocabulary words shown through our videos were: “insects”, “bugs”, “ladybug”, “grasshopper”, “worm”, “fly” and “ant”.

For Physical Development, we shared videos and ideas such as the song “The ants go marching”, “Herman the Worm” and “Bugs, bugs, bugs”.

For Creativity we posted several crafts, such as: a bug fingerprint jar, a snail made out of yummy Fruit Loops, a colorful paper ant, veggie harvest with strings and a worm inside an apple. We love seeing pictures of your crafts!

On our Instagram Lives we have been playing Bingo, it has been so fun! Stay tuned on our Instagram account for future schedules.

Next week we will be learning more about bugs!

Have an amazing weekend!

Spring Time!

This week we reviewed the topics of spring, flower, plants, growing and planting.

For Creativity, we uploaded tutorials for a rainbow cloud made out of cotton and tissue paper; watercolor umbrellas with coffee filters; dandelion flower with q-tips; handprint flower and pasta flowers. Did you enjoyed them? We love seeing pictures of your crafts! Please keep showing us your work at home.

During our Live videos, we have been reviewing the days of the week, with Mr. Mike’s calendar! It has being amazing seeing everybody at home with their own calendars.

Next week we will be learning about ants, worms, ladybugs, fly, swatter and more insects.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Easter!

This week we reviewed Easter, spring and ecology.

For our Morning Routine we are hosting Instagram Lives, where we review shapes, colors and read stories too. We love seeing everybody joining us!

Creativity was so much fun! We made a caterpillar who turned into a beautiful and colorful butterfly. We also made a rainbow with q-tips and different colors. Today we created a footprint carrot. We have also been sharing extra crafts, such as: textures and play-doh letters.

Some ideas shared for for Physical Development were: the “Bunny Hop” song, “Baby Shark” and “One Little Finger”. We also shared “Wash your hands with Baby Shark” song, which is an amazing and fun way for remembering to wash our hands.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

Bunny Hop

This week we learned about Easter, the kids learned vocabulary words such as: “Easter”, “bunny”, “eggs”, “hide and seek”, and “basket”.

For Creativity, we shared some ideas and tutorials, for example: making a beautiful butterfly out of coffee filter and paint, easter baskets using empty cereal boxes, easter eggs with color cardboard and paint, bunny ears made out of foamy and a green house where we planted bean seeds.

During our Instagram Live videos we have been reviewing shapes and colors. Also, we’ve been telling stories such as: “The Easter Bunny” and how he hides Easter Eggs for children to find.

Next week we will learn about ecology!

Have a nice weekend!

Walking on Sunshine

This week we learned about Spring. The kids learned vocabulary words such as “spring”, “rainbow”, “umbrella”, “rain”, “plant” and “growing”.

For Morning Routine, we posted some videos about the days of the week, months of the year, shapes, colors and ABC’s. We also had Instagram Live videos.

Some Creativity ideas were bubble wrap paper as rain prints. handprint rainbow, flower, Leprechaun paper plate mask and fork flowers. Also, a DIY bean plant, we are excited to see how this little plant grows each day!

For Physical Development we shared ideas with songs like “Freeze Dance”, “Penguin Dance”, “The Exercise Game #1”, “Bunny Hop” and “Walking on Sunshine”.

You can follow Mr. Mike’s Circle Time at @toddlertreekinder Instagram account. 

Next week we’ll be learning about Easter!

Have an amazing weekend!

The Animals on the Farm!

This week we talked about farm animals, the kids learned vocabulary words such as: “cow”, “hen”, “chicken”, “sheep”, “pig”, “rooster” and “ducks”.

During Circle Time with Mr. Mike, he dressed up as a farmer and taught us about farm animals and sang along to “Old McDonald”. Our kiddos had a blast!

Creativity was great! We made a sheep using corks and white paint. We also used paper plates and dot-a-dot markers to make baby chicks. As well, our Turtles made a pig out of their handprint. We gathered them all together and placed them inside their own paper bag barn. Now our farm is complete!

At Physical Development, we have been using the tambourines as “Old McDonald” played. Also they used shaky eggs and danced along to “I know a chicken”, they love it!

Next week we will be learning about spring.

Have a great long-weekend!