Life In The Artic!

This week we learned everything about winter animals, our little ones had fun learning about their habitat. Some vocabulary words learned are: “polar bear”, “penguin”, “beluga”, “squirrel”, “fox” and “raccoon”.

During Creativity, we made a weekly project, Tiny Turtles pasted blue tissue paper to make an igloo and used paint to handprint a polar bear. They also did a penguin by tracing their hand over black foamy. We are in love with how it turned out!

On Wednesday we had our grandmother’s day visit. We made an activity and showed them a little about our morning routine. Our kiddos were so happy to have them here!

Next week we will be reviewing the different themes we have learned during the month of January.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Winter Hokey Pokey!

This week we learned about winter clothing. The kids learned vocabulary words, such as: “mittens”, “scarf”, “hat”, “jacket” and “gloves”.

During Circle Time, we learned about each clothing and how to wear it. Our Turtles really enjoyed describing the colors, size, etc. of the different clothings presented to them.

Creativity was amazing! We made mittens out of foamy and pasted the little one’s handprint. We also made a winter hat, where the turtles used sponges to paint it. Then, we helped them one-on-one to cut it out and finally pasted cotton on it.

During Physical Development, we danced along to “Boots” while stomping our feet, “Put on your shoes”, “Jacket” and “Dressing up”. As props we used scarfs, mittens and hats. Also, we used those clothes to play dress up.

Our littles ones are very excited about coming to the kinder next Wednesday, January 22nd with their grandmother’s.

Next week we will be learning about forest and winter animals.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

We are so happy to have you back, hope you enjoyed the holidays.

This week we talked about winter fun! The kids learned vocabulary words, such as: “snowman”, “winter”, “skating”, “cold” and “snow”.

During Creativity, we made a snowman with dot-a-dot markers. They loved using them!

We also made a tree, it was so exciting cutting hand on hand with them. Our little ones enjoyed decorating it using cut their finger print to “make snow”.

Physical Development was a blast! We danced along to “Freeze Dance”, where they have to stop moving when the song stops. Also, to “Penguin Dance”, “Do you wanna build a snowman?” and “Baby Beluga”.

Next week we will be learning many concepts related to winter clothing.

Have a great weekend!

Teaching Perseverance Early

Perseverance is the ability to overcome obstacles and the desire to continue to work toward a goal or task even when challenges are involved.

The ability to persevere and overcome challenges is key to success in work and personal relationships. Many children struggle in class but continue to study and improve. Others miss the goal when shooting for the win, but keep trying and playing. Preparing your child to handle setbacks well contributes powerfully to their future success. When a child is 3 or 4, learning to persevere often starts by trying something at which he or she is naturally skilled. This could be puzzles, building blocks, coloring or painting, depending on the child. As your child gets better at doing puzzles, for instance, she may then learn to persevere in areas in which she’s not as skilled. You can help lay the foundation for your child’s future success by teaching him about failure and perseverance now.

A great way to discuss perseverance with your small child is to read books together where the characters overcome obstacles. For example, The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper is a classic story about a train engine who perseveres and succeeds. For a lesson about failure and quitting, Winners Never Quit!, by Mia Hamm, is another good book to read together.

Try to let your child fail from time to time. If your child is working on a puzzle or trying to zip his jacket and you see him struggling, try not to step in immediately. Allowing your child time to work through frustrating and difficult tasks will help build his perseverance. Even if your child isn’t successful, it’s O.K. to simply say to her, “Do you need help with your zipper?” instead of solving the problem for her. If she asks for help, show her how to do it and be patient if she insists on trying again herself. Neurologist and teacher Judy Willis recommends setting your kids up for success by letting them know when something will require time and perseverance. For example, when starting a puzzle, or learning to tie a shoe, tell them it won’t be completed all in one sitting. There might be a smaller goal for today — crossing the laces — with a longer-term goal in the future — to tie the shoes all by themselves.

Merry Christmas!

This week it was all about Christmas. The kids are getting so excited about the holidays, they love telling us what are they asking Santa for Christmas.

We made a Santa using paper plates, paint, pompons and cotton in Creativity. It looked really cute.

During Physical Development, they love using tambourines while listening to “S-A-N-T-A”, from Super Simple Songs. They also enjoy using maracas and dancing along to “I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas”.

We hoped you loved your Christmas present the kiddos made for you. They loved making it as we told them it was a gift from them to you.

See you on Tuesday, January 7th.

Happy Holidays!

Ho – Ho – Ho!

This week we talked about Santa and other Christmas themes. The kiddos learned vocabulary words such as “Santa”, “Christmas tree”, “star”, “angel”, stocking” and “gift”.

Mr. Mike sang with his accordeon “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. Tiny turtles love Circle Time!

During Creativity, they made a Christmas tree with dot-a-dot markers. Our little ones loved it! We also have been working on a special Christmas gift for you.

We hoped you loved our Christmas Program as mucha as we did. Tiny Turtles really enjoyed rehearsing for it, but most of all they felt excited about having you there.

Next week we will be learning more about Christmas.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hello December!

This week we learned about Christmas, the kiddos learned vocabulary words such as: “Christmas”, “Reindeer”, “Elf” and “Sleigh”.

Mr. Mike, during Circle Time, told us the story about Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and we also danced along to the song. The kids learned about Santa, who visited us today and took our Christmas letters.

Creativity was great! The turtles made Rudophs out of paper plates and foamy. They also made reindeers out of their own handprints. So adorable!

During Physical Development, we are still rehearsing for our Christmas Program, but we are also dancing along to “Do you wanna build a snowman?”, “Freeze Dance” and “Jingle Bells”.

Next week we will be learning about Christmas decorations, like Christmas tree, ornaments, wreath, stocking and star.

Remember we have our Magic Kingdom Christmas festival on Wednesday, December 11th at Candy Gum (Plaza San Pedro). Our little ones will be so happy to be able to perform for you!

Have an amazing weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week we learned about Thanksgiving. Our Tiny Turtles learned the meaning of Thanksgiving and how it all began.

During Creativity, we made a Thanksgiving meal plate, we used cotton to make mashed potatoes, a paper bag to make a chicken leg, used red and green paper to make asparagus and cranberries. Yummy!

The kids are loving Physical Development, as we are starting to rehearse for our Christmas Program. We also danced along to “Dingle Dangle Scarecrow”, “Turkey Hop” and “One Potato, Two Potaoes”.

On Wednesday, we had our Thanksgiving feast. The kiddos saw a big table with lots of delicious food and then ate some of it. They really enjoyed it!

Next week we will begin to learn about Christmas.

Enjoy your long weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians

This week we had an introduction about what Thanksgiving is about. The turtles learned vocabulary words such as “pilgrim”, “indian”, “thanksgiving” and “turkey”.

During Circle Time, with Mr. Mike, he dressed the kiddos up as indians and pilgrims, we all danced along and played the drums. The kids loved it!

Creativity was great! We printed out the little one’s faces to make pilgrim hats. They loved seeing themselves with the hat. They also painted paper plates using brown color, glued brown strings and feathers to make an indian mask.

Next week we will be having a Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday, November 27th. We will be sharing food, being thankful and grateful. No lunch is needed, only their water bottle.

As a friendly reminder, there will be no clases on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th. We will be very happy to see you on Monday, December 2nd.

Have an amazing weekend!


This week we started talking about several themes related to thanksgiving. The most interesting one for our Tiny Turtles was the turkey. Also, we learned that a cornucopia carries within items that represent abundance and prosperity like fruits and flowers.

At Physical Development, we danced to a song called “Turkey hop”. We had a great time! Our kiddos loved to hop, fly and twirl pretending to be turkeys.

Next week we will learn more about Thanksgiving, such as: Pilgrims and Indians. It will be full of fun and interesting activities!

Have a nice long weekend!