Bunny Hop

This week we learned about Easter, the kids learned vocabulary words such as: “Easter”, “bunny”, “eggs”, “hide and seek”, and “basket”.

For Creativity, we shared some ideas and tutorials, for example: making a beautiful butterfly out of coffee filter and paint, easter baskets using empty cereal boxes, easter eggs with color cardboard and paint, bunny ears made out of foamy and a green house where we planted bean seeds.

During our Instagram Live videos we have been reviewing shapes and colors. Also, we’ve been telling stories such as: “The Easter Bunny” and how he hides Easter Eggs for children to find.

Next week we will learn about ecology!

Have a nice weekend!

Walking on Sunshine

This week we learned about Spring. The kids learned vocabulary words such as “spring”, “rainbow”, “umbrella”, “rain”, “plant” and “growing”.

For Morning Routine, we posted some videos about the days of the week, months of the year, shapes, colors and ABC’s. We also had Instagram Live videos.

Some Creativity ideas were bubble wrap paper as rain prints. handprint rainbow, flower, Leprechaun paper plate mask and fork flowers. Also, a DIY bean plant, we are excited to see how this little plant grows each day!

For Physical Development we shared ideas with songs like “Freeze Dance”, “Penguin Dance”, “The Exercise Game #1”, “Bunny Hop” and “Walking on Sunshine”.

You can follow Mr. Mike’s Circle Time at @toddlertreekinder Instagram account. 

Next week we’ll be learning about Easter!

Have an amazing weekend!

The Animals on the Farm!

This week we talked about farm animals, the kids learned vocabulary words such as: “cow”, “hen”, “chicken”, “sheep”, “pig”, “rooster” and “ducks”.

During Circle Time with Mr. Mike, he dressed up as a farmer and taught us about farm animals and sang along to “Old McDonald”. Our kiddos had a blast!

Creativity was great! We made a sheep using corks and white paint. We also used paper plates and dot-a-dot markers to make baby chicks. As well, our Turtles made a pig out of their handprint. We gathered them all together and placed them inside their own paper bag barn. Now our farm is complete!

At Physical Development, we have been using the tambourines as “Old McDonald” played. Also they used shaky eggs and danced along to “I know a chicken”, they love it!

Next week we will be learning about spring.

Have a great long-weekend!

Grandpa’s Farm!

This week we learned about the farm and different vocabulary words related to it, such as: “farm”, “barn”, “farmer”, “tractor”, “crops” and “hay”.

During Circle Time, we had so much fun with Mr. Mike! He played “Grandpa’s Farm” song, as he showed us the farm animals. We also learned that a farm has: a fence, hey, a pond and fields.

At Creativity, we are working on a 2-week project. This week our kiddos made a barn by using craft paper and red paint. We also printed out farm animals and colored them with crayons. The favorite activity for our Turtles was making popcorn and putting it inside plastic bags, then they cover them with green paper to make it look like a real corn. They were so yummy!

Physical Development has been a blast! We danced like chickens to “Chicken Dance” and used tambourines as “Old McDonald” played. Our little ones also loved using shaky eggs while dancing the song of “I know a chicken”.

Next week we will be learning more about the farm and its animals.

Have an amazing long weekend!

Welcome To My Community!

This week we reviewed several themes related to our community. Also, our Tiny Turtles learned about transportation. Some vocabulary words reviewed during the week are: “boat”, “airplane”, “ship”, “submarine”, “bicycle”, “train” and “truck”.

At Creativity, we made a boat by using paper plates and decorated it by painting with water colors. They also made paper boats, the kids really loved the process of folding the paper until they created a boat.

Circle Time with Mr. Mike was so much fun! He taught us about different transportation vehicles and how each community helper has their own type of transportation.

Today we had our community centers at the kinder. We visited, the doctors office, bakery, firefighter station, post office and spa. We had lots of fun visiting each center and making different activities.

Next week we will be learning about several themes related to the farm.

We want to ask you to please start sending egg shells to the kinder, so we can start decorating them for our easter parade.

Have an amazing weekend!

Super Rescue Team!

This week we learned more about community helpers, the kids learned vocabulary words such as: “firefighters”, “rescue team”, “garbage truck”, “recycling”, “astronaut” and “spaceship”.

On Wednesday, we had the Rescue Team visit, they showed us how to put on a collar when someone is hurt. Also, we had a chance to see their vehicle and then turned on the siren. The kids were amazed!

During Creativity, we made a weekly project, we used the little one’s footprint to make a firetruck, their hand-print to make firefighters. Then we used a coffee filter and painted it using droppers to “create” a fire. It turned out amazing!

The kids are really enjoying Physical Development, they love using hula-hoops and pretending they are driving a car. Also, we threw balls all around the floor and then we used buckets to pick them up. This was so much fun because we pretended to be “garbage” collectors.

Next week we will be learning about air and water transportation.

Have a nice weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This week we learned more about community helpers. Tiny Turtles learned vocabulary words such as “doctor”, “nurse”, “teacher”, “love”, “construction worker” and “valentine”.

During Circle Time with Mr. Mike, he taught us about the doctor, how he uses a stethoscope to check the heartbeat and a thermometer to check our body temperature. He also sang the song about Victor and Valeria Valentine “Will you be my valentine?”.

Our kiddos made a weekly project at Creativity. We used the little one’s hand to make a heart-shaped hand print, on the edges we pasted colorful tissue paper. The kids really enjoyed making this project for you!

Today we had our Valentine’s Day party. We sat down on a big circle, where each kid gave out their valentine to their classmates. They were so happy to share treats with their friends!

Next week we will be learning more about community helpers and land transportation.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Welcome February!

This week we learned about friendship and community helpers. The kiddos were introduced to vocabulary words, such as: “baker”, “police officer”, “police car”, “dentist” and “friendship”.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike dressed up as a police man, with a police hat and whistle. The kids loved wearing a hat and blowing the whistle. He also showed us a song about two Valentines, Victor and Valeria Valentine.

At Creativity, we made a friendship bracelet using Fruit Loops. Also, our Turtles made a toothbrush made out of foamy and cotton balls, along with a glass made out of cardboard and dot-a-dot markers.

On Wednesday, we had a police visit with Pedro Ardilla, they showed us their police car. The kids were amazed by the sound of the siren. Also, on Friday we had a dentist visit. She taught the little ones about oral hygiene.

Valentine´s Day celebration is coming up on Friday, February 14th! The Party Hosts will provide snacks, so instead of sending a lunchbox on that day, please just send their water bottle. Turtles will exchange Valentine’s treats with their friends. Please label only who it’s from, so we make it easier for the kids to pass them out. Also, make sure to send a bag for your child to collect them.

Next week we will be learning more about community workers and Valentine’s Day.

Have a great weekend!

Polar bear, What Do You See?

This week we reviewed snow, ice, forest animals, winter sports and artic animals.

Circle Time with Mr. Mike was great! He showed us some forest animals such as raccoon, bear, squirrel, chipmunk and beaver. He also showed us different winter activities, such as: skating, sledding, snowboarding and building a snowman.

During Creativity, we made a snowflake and polar bear using paint and glitter. We also placed some cotton to pretend the polar bear was walking on the snow.

At Physical Development, the kids loved making a big circle while holding hands. They also like listening to “Exercise game” where they need to follow directions, they are great at it!

Next week we will be learning about friendship and community helpers. Also, “Pedro Ardilla” and the police will visit us at the kinder on Wednesday, February 5th.

Remember we have a holiday on Monday, February 3th. See you on Tuesday.

Have an amazing long weekend!

Life In The Artic!

This week we learned everything about winter animals, our little ones had fun learning about their habitat. Some vocabulary words learned are: “polar bear”, “penguin”, “beluga”, “squirrel”, “fox” and “raccoon”.

During Creativity, we made a weekly project, Tiny Turtles pasted blue tissue paper to make an igloo and used paint to handprint a polar bear. They also did a penguin by tracing their hand over black foamy. We are in love with how it turned out!

On Wednesday we had our grandmother’s day visit. We made an activity and showed them a little about our morning routine. Our kiddos were so happy to have them here!

Next week we will be reviewing the different themes we have learned during the month of January.

Have a wonderful weekend!