Goodbye Tigers!

Dear Tigers,

It’s been an honor to have you in our classroom this school year, you have no idea how grateful we feel to be your teachers. We couldn’t be any prouder of all your progress and learning, we’ve seen how much you’ve grown and learned, even from home.

Thank you to all the Tiger moms for your help and magnificent efforts to help our Tigers learn from home, joining our live videos, sending us photos of our tigers doing their creativity projects etc. We really appreciate it!

We know Tigers are ready for a new school year and we are confident our little ones are going to shine.

Thank you for joining us at our Drive-By, we loved seeing you!

Love you all, have an amazing summer!

The best is yet to come!

Miss Rocio & Miss Karen

Tigers Love The Sea!

Hello Tigers!

This week we’ve been talking about the sea! We learned vocabulary words, such as: fish, jellyfish, shark and other beautiful sea animals.

We loved the creativity projects For this week! You guys have done an amazing job! Tigers always get super creative and love to use different materials and techniques

Are you enjoying our Instagram lives? Keep on watching us every day at 10:30 am! We love to know that our Tigers are constantly learning! The zoom session was super fun too!

Thank you so much for all your dedication and effort! Remember to send us pictures so we can share them with out Tiger friends! We are so proud of you Tigers on learning the new graduation rhyme!

We’ll see you next week! Also, remember to join in to Mr.Mike’s Circle Time videos! They’re so much fun!

Have a great weekend!

Tigers Love Pets!

Hello Tigers!

This week we have been learning a lot about pets, such as: dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, turtle, frogs, rabbit, fish, hamster and guinea pig. On our Instagram videos we reviewed the ABC’s, as well as some animals and the sounds they make. We also reviewed numbers, shapes, days of the week and months of the year! We love how you participate in our lives!

Did you like the different crafts planned for this week? Which one was your favorite? Also, remember to check out the different activities we constantly post on instagram so you have more ideas of fun learning games to do at home!

Did you enjoyed Mr. Mike’s Circle Time videos? We love seeing him! Don’t forget to watch our instagram videos, craft tutorials and Mr. Mike’s youtube channel. Your parents have been doing an amazing job helping us at home! It is very important for us Tigers to continue learning each day.

Enjoy the weekend and take care!

Tigers Love The Jungle!

Hello Tigers!

This week we have been learning a lot more about jungle animals, such as:  bear, jaguar, birds of paradise, forest, desert and reptile animals.

For Creativity we did several fun crafts, like: the hibernating bear, our hand print Jaguar, birds using plates, a paper owl and a sun clay snake. It’s wonderful to see all the photos you send us and we love to share them on our instagram account.

Have you seen Mr. Mike’s Circle Time through his Youtube videos? We love watching them everyday and feel excited to see how you Tigers get so happy when it’s your turn to earn a sticker. During the week he showed us many interesting activities, don’t miss the fun!

Thank you for joining our instagram lives from Monday trough Friday!  We get so thrilled when you guys join!

Don’t forget to watch our instagram videos, tutorials and Mr. Mike’s youtube channel. It is important for them to keep on learning at home and you as parents are the best teachers for them.

Next week our animal adventure will continue with pets! Stay tuned for more fun activities!

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Jungle Tigers!

Hello Terrific Tigers!

This week was amazing! We were so happy to see Paulo and Annalia joining in our LIVE videos for the first time, and Maria being the leader, We feel so proud of you all, it’s wonderful seeing how you are becoming more confident everyday regardless of the circumstances!

How was your week? Did you like this weeks topics and crafts? We bet you did! It’s lovely to see all your photos doing your creativity projects! We have learned allot about several jungle animales, such as: zebra, flamingo, lion, kangaroo, hippopotamus, etc. Have you ever seen this jungle animals in real life? Maybe in the zoo? Send us pictures and tell us all about it!

Did you enjoy Mr. Mike’s Circle Time? During the week he showed us many interesting activities. We loved watching “Jump along Joey”, “Zany Zebra”, “Terrific Tiger”, “Hungry Hippos” and “The Flamingo Dance”.

Next week we will continue learning more about jungle animals on our instagram LIVES!

Have an amazing weekend,

We love you!

Tigers In The Jungle!

Hello Tiigers!

This week was amazing! Thank you so much for your big efforts in participating during our instagram LIVE and doing your fun crafts at home! Also, you are doing a great job learnIng new vocabulary words at home,

Did you liked the topics we talked about during rhe week? We’re learning a lot about jungle animals! It’s exciting learning about their habitat, the sound they make, etc. Which one is your favorite jungle animal?

On Wednesday, we celebrated Matias Birthday! It was lovely seeing each one of you! We had a blast!

The best part was getting to visit you today at your homes! You have a very, very, special place in our hearts and we really loved seeing you. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity!

We are so proud of you learning the new rhymes for mommy, you truly are amazing! Remember that on Sunday we celebrate Mommy! Hope you enjoy baking cookies with her!

Next week we will continue learning more about jungle animals. It will be really fun!

Hope you have a great weekend and stay safe!

Love you tons!

Happy Children’s Day Tigers!!

Hello Tigers!

April went so fast! It was super fun to learn about bugs and plants with our bulletin boards! Did you enjoyed all the activities? We love to see you putting the numbers on the calendar, but most importantly putting so much love and effort in participating during our live sessions. We really appreciate it!

We are so proud of you and we enjoy hearIng every morning your tiger roars, your sweet voices singing our Morning Routine songs and the Mother’s Day rhyme! Great job Tigers!

Also, we love having leaders each day! It’s so exciting! Thank you for sharing and reading several books, as well as showing us your super cool toys!

Please keep sending us your beautiful pictures so we can share them with your friends!

We love you very much!
Stay Safe and have an amazing weekend! Keep on celebrating Children’s Day!

We Are Terrific Tigers!

Hello Terrific Tigers!

It has been an amazing week! We keep learning from home about bugs and also enjoy to see you via instagram lives! It’s really wonderful to see how you put the number on the calendar and practice our vocabulary, shapes, numbers, abc, months of the year and days of the week. The most exciting activity is that now we have leaders! We are doing our leader of the day dynamic from home and it’s been super fun!

We appreciate your effort and enthusiasm all the time! It was great to interact with each other while playing bingo! We really hope to see each other very soon, never lose faith because tigers are strong!

We are so proud of you learning new rhymes! It is wonderful when you send us photos working on your creativity projects! Awesome job Tigers!

Next week we will be learning about Bees, Caterpillars, Butterflies, Picnic Time and Children’s Day!

Have an amazing weekend,

Tigers Keep On Learning & Celebrating!

Hello Tigers!

It’s been quite a month, so many changes, so many challenges …but tigers keep on learning, tigers stick together, we love and cheer each other up every day! We love seeing you in our live videos, we enjoy looking at your photos and videos learning/exploring new things from home.

Easter was different, but we’re so glad you all celebrated Easter at home and the Easter bunny brought lots of yummy treats!

Thank you for making this possible, thank you for your support and for always inspiring everyone around you. Tigers are optimistic and festive, Pauis birthday celebration was awesome! She was so happy thanks to you.

Next week we will be learning a lot about bugs and insects, get ready for some fun!

We couldn’t be any prouder to be your Tiger teachers!

We love you all so much!

The Tiger Way!

Hi everyone!

We hope you’re doing well, staying safe and healthy, staying home! We know it’s been an extremely rough period of time recently, but we want you to know we’re in this together. We love them so much and we’re truly happy to get to see them on our instagram live videos. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch them and learn with us from home. It’s really a joy to see our kiddos and listen to their voices with spontaneous comments. We love when you send us photos of our tigers doing crafts from home and showing off their pets, this motivates us teachers and their classmates to never stop learning.

We’ll keep doing our best to have a right outlook in everything and to keep implementing learning strategies to keep our tigers focused, motivated, inspired and united.

Also, thank you so much for always having your props ready. Please try to speak to your kiddos in english as much as you possibly can to keep them learning new words and reinforcing vocabulary!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love!