Winter Animals Are Here!

This week our Caterpillars learned so much about winter animals! We talked about what kind of weather they endure, what they eat, and how they live. Also, they really enjoyed reviewing everything about forest animals (squirrel, fox, raccoon, etc).

Exploration Time was full of fun activities! Their favorite one was inserting straws inside bottles, this helps them develop their fine motor skills.

During Creativity Class our kiddos where very busy this week! They are building a forest with different forest animals, such as: fox, racoon, and brown bear. Our little ones where so happy to see the final result! Also, we made a penguin using heart shapes and will place them on our February bulletin board.

It is wonderful to see how our Caterpillars remain seated while they listen to a book during story time, such as: “10 Little Penguins”, “What do you see?”, ” Biscuits Walk in the Woods”, “The Three Bears”,  and “Little Outs Night”.

Next week we will review all the topics that we have been learning during this month. We will have many fun and interesting activities!

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

Winter Clothing!

This week we talked about winter clothes. The vocabulary words learned where: shoes, boots, coat, jacket, mittens, gloves, cap, hat, sweater, socks. During our Morning Routine we did an activity where the kids dressed up with winter clothes!!

Physical Development is really fun! Our little ones enjoyed don’t  circuits and also had an opportunity to review the concepts of side to side,up and down, jump, gallop, run, etc.

In Creativity Class they worked on different projects! They used colors to color some boots and the human figure. They also made some mittens with ice pating, a jacket with buttons, a scarf with dot dot markers, and the hats with sequins and cutton. When finishing all there clothes they placed their winter clothing on the human figure.

While we are at Story Time, it is wonderful to see how our Caterpillars remain seated very concentrated during the entire story. Stories this week where: “Dress-up Bear”, “What Will You Wear Clause?”, “Barney Bear Gets Dressed”.

Next week we will learn about winter and forest animals, such as: Penguis, Bears/Polar Bear and Whales/ Beluga.

We want to Welcome our new Caterpillars. We are very excited! It will be a great semester!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Happy New Year 2020!

Welcome back, hope you enjoyed the holidays! Happy New Year 2020!

This week we celebrated Sofia Garza’s birthday! Her mom brought a cake to share with everyone and we sang happy birthday to her. She was so excited to be with all her friends!

In Circle Time we talked about winter seasons and winter sports.We even sang a winter seasons rythm! Winter spring, summer fall, learning is not hard at all

During Creativity we made a melted snowman and a snowflake. We also made Chloe a crown because she is now a big sister!

Next week we will learn about winter clothing. Remember to bring a scarf, hat, gloves, boots and jacket!

Have a great weekend!

Teaching Perseverance Early

Perseverance is the ability to overcome obstacles and the desire to continue to work toward a goal or task even when challenges are involved.

The ability to persevere and overcome challenges is key to success in work and personal relationships. Many children struggle in class but continue to study and improve. Others miss the goal when shooting for the win, but keep trying and playing. Preparing your child to handle setbacks well contributes powerfully to their future success. When a child is 3 or 4, learning to persevere often starts by trying something at which he or she is naturally skilled. This could be puzzles, building blocks, coloring or painting, depending on the child. As your child gets better at doing puzzles, for instance, she may then learn to persevere in areas in which she’s not as skilled. You can help lay the foundation for your child’s future success by teaching him about failure and perseverance now.

A great way to discuss perseverance with your small child is to read books together where the characters overcome obstacles. For example, The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper is a classic story about a train engine who perseveres and succeeds. For a lesson about failure and quitting, Winners Never Quit!, by Mia Hamm, is another good book to read together.

Try to let your child fail from time to time. If your child is working on a puzzle or trying to zip his jacket and you see him struggling, try not to step in immediately. Allowing your child time to work through frustrating and difficult tasks will help build his perseverance. Even if your child isn’t successful, it’s O.K. to simply say to her, “Do you need help with your zipper?” instead of solving the problem for her. If she asks for help, show her how to do it and be patient if she insists on trying again herself. Neurologist and teacher Judy Willis recommends setting your kids up for success by letting them know when something will require time and perseverance. For example, when starting a puzzle, or learning to tie a shoe, tell them it won’t be completed all in one sitting. There might be a smaller goal for today — crossing the laces — with a longer-term goal in the future — to tie the shoes all by themselves.

Happy Holidays!

This week our Caterpillars continued learning more about Christmas. During Exploration they had a chance to play with some Little people toys. Also, we inserted coins on different containers to reinforce their fine motor skills.

During Creativity they finished the star ornaments and pasted some large sequins on the candycanes. They love to pincer grasp the large sequins and then paste them with glue. The kids also worked on a Christmas Tree stamp, we usied the dot to dot marker.

On Monday we celebrated Eugenio’s birthday. His mom brought cupcakes to share with everyone and we sang happy birthday to him. He was so excited to have his mother and grandmother join him on his celebration.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike kept on playing Christmas songs on his acordion and our Caterpillars danced while following his instructions (marching, turning, jumping and stopping). Our little ones continued learning more Christmas vocabulary.

We hope you liked their Christmas wreath gift with their foot, hand and finger prints. Thank you so much for all your gifts. Happy holidays!! Please enjoy a relaxing and fun Christmas break. See you on Tuesday, January 7th.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Holly Jolly Christmas!

We want to congratulate all our Caterpillars for their wonderful performance at the Magical Kingdom Christmas Show. They looked amazing dressed up as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse dancing their Christmas songs. Being their first time on stage and after all their hard work practicing, we were so proud of them.

This week our Caterpillars have been enjoying and feeling the Christmas fun. During Creativity they decorated Santa’s beard with cotton balls. Then they painted some candycanes with our dot to dot marker which they love to use. For their Christmas Tree, the kiddos made some beautiful stars with cellophane which they pasted on contact paper.

At Circle Time, Mr. Mike sang and played new Christmas songs on his accordion. The kids loved them, they immediatly started dancing and jumping around. He also showed us many exciting Christmas surprises.

In Story Time, our little ones love Christmas books. Many of them are starting to identify were is Santa, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, snowflakes etc. They are learning all the Christmas vocabulary.

Next week we will continue to learn more about Christmas, candy, cookies, wreaths, trains and posada.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Here Comes Santa!

Its December already! Time flies so quickly and our Caterpillars are growing and learning a lot. This week we have been practicing for our Magic Kingdom Christmas Festival. Our little ones enjoy so much dancing!

During Creativity we worked on a stocking. They used toy stamps and glued big sequins to decorate it. Preparing for our Christmas program the kids made a Christmas wreath using a paper plate. They painted it green and sprinkled green glitter, then we pasted some Mickey Mouse ears. It turned out so pretty! Also, they made a letter to Santa and colored it using thick crayons.

At Circle Time with Mr. Mike, we sang while he played on his accordion “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Must be Santa Claus”. Caterpillars had so much fun!

Today Santa visited Toddler Tree and all the kiddos had the opportunity to take a photo with him.

Next week we will continue to learn more about Christmas and do lots of fun activities. Don’t forget to come to our Magic Kingdom Christmas Festival on Tuesday, December 10th at CandyGum (Plaza San Pedro).

Have a wonderful weekend!

We Are Thankful!

This week our Caterpillars have been finishing learning all about Thanksgiving. They had lots of fun!

During Creativity they worked on a pumpkin pie by coloring a paper plate using orange markers and pasting cut out papers on it and of course some little marshmallows. Then when we started talking about vegetables, they painted and decorated a print out cauliflower with cotton. They loved to use paintbrushes, as well as feeling and playing with cotton.

At Physical Development they are having so much fun! We just started to practice for our Christmas Magical Kingdom program.

The kiddos played turkey chase with Mr. Mike during Circle Time. They ran smiling and laughing around using a pretend turkey. Mr. Mike also played the Indian dance song using his acordion and our Caterpillars danced away.

On Wednesday we had our Thanksgiving feast, the kids had the chance to try different types of food. They had turkey, sweet potato, corn, cranberries and smashed potato. It was a delicious meal. Also, all of the kids played games such as fishing, playing drums, pin the feathers in the turkey, relay of fruits and vegetables and they made a shaker using water bottles.

Have a wonderful restful long weekend!

Pilgrims & Indians!

It is almost Thanksgiving and the kiddos are so excited! They are learning a lot of new vocabulary and doing many fun activities related to our November theme.

During Creativity we finished our indian headbands, which they are going to wear next week on the delicious feast we are going to have. The kiddos learned all about wigwams and even decorated one using brown paper bags. We also talked about how the pilgrims liked to fish while they colored a fish and decorated it by pasting large colorful sequins. Once again practicing their fine motor skills grabbing and pasting the sequins.

At Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed us all about pilgrims, Mayflower, wigwams, cornucopia, hunting, fishing, corn, indian dance and of course about the importance of sharing and giving thanks. The kids and Mr. Mike dressed up as indians and pilgrims as they role played fishing and hunting. He also played a new song in his acordion “Hunting and Fishing in the Forest.”

Our little ones really enjoyed exploration, they played with the magnetic fishing set. We were able to review colors and numbers by counting our “catches”.

Next week we will be having a Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday, November 27th. We will be sharing food, being thankful and grateful. No lunch is needed, only their water bottle.

As a friendly reminder, there will be no clases on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th. We will be very happy to see you on Monday, December 2nd.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sharing Is Caring!

Another week went by so quickly! This week we have been learning all about sharing and introduced Thanksgiving. Caterpillars are understanding that sharing is caring. They are discovering all about food, fruits, vegetables, grains and so much more.

During Creativity the kiddos worked on stamping cherries with corks and red paint. We are also working on some indian headbands for our Thanksgiving feast.

At Exploration they were able to apply their sensory motor skills by manipulating spaghetti. After playing with it, they pasted it on a paper plate which they decorated using markers and brown pom poms (simulating meatballs).

With Mr. Mike we have been practicing plenty of songs related to food. We are surprised that many of our Caterpillars are trying to jump by themselves.

Next week we wil continue learning about Thanskgiving, pilgrims, fishing, cornucopia and indians.

Have a wonderful long weekend!