Easter Time!

Hello Busy Bees!

How have you been doing this week? Thank you so much for connecting with us during the live sessions! We have so much fun interacting with you! It is lovely seeing all of the projects and pictures that you sent, please keep them coming!

Next weeks topics are going to be: bike, vehicle, trike, easter parade, ecology, rainbow, wind and spring. Stay safe at home and we”ll see you very soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Spring is Here!

This week has been a little tough on all of us and we have to get used to our temporary new routine. We are preparing fun activities for you and also live videos so we can see each other! You can Interact with us by making the same Experiments and Creativity projects as we are.

This is going to be a new challenge that we know we are going to conquer!! Please don’t forget to record videos or take picture while you are doing some of the activities, we would like to share them on our instagram so all of your classmates may see them!

Next week we will have many Easter activities and surprises!

We Miss you and hope to see you all very soon!

Farm Animals!

This week our students had lots of fun learning about farm animals and their sounds! During Story Time, they loved listening the “Old MacDonald” and holding stuffed animals to sing along. Our Busy Bees also loved reading books about animals.

During Creativity, we continued working on our weekly project. It is coming out really nice, they put allot on effort on it! Our kiddos made a rooster using their handprint, we also painted pigs and made a corn with foamy. The kids enjoyed feeling and manipulating new materials and textures.

This week’s vocabulary words were: Sheep, Pig, Horse, Cow, Barn, Dog, Cat, Rooster, Hen, and Chicks. Next week’s will be: : Rain, sun, clouds (umbrella & boots), Rainbow (review colors), Growing: seed, soil, sun, water, plant, flowers & trees

We hope you have an amazing long weekend!

F is for Farm!

This week was full of surprises for our Busy Bees! On Tuesday we had a super kid, it was Diego’s birthday! We had lots of fun eating sandwiches and cupcakes, it was so yummy!

We had the firefighters visit on Wednesday! All the kiddos were paying attention to everything! The squad showed us some of the materials they use in case of a fire and at the end Bees had the opportunity to hold and use the fire hose. It was a great experience!

During Discovery Time, we painted did several activities each dar. They made a project using mud and other materials. Also, we made popcorn and learned many aspects related to a barn.

Next week we will continue learning about the farm and things related to it.

We hope you have an amazing long weekend!

Air and Land Transportation!

This week our Busy bees enjoyed reviewing all the types of transportation related to air, water and land vehicles. They learned about airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, rockets, cruise ships, boats, sailboats, cars, buses, motorcycles, fire engines, etc.  Also, we reviewed our community helpers and are very aware of them.

The highlight of the week for our little ones was today when we had several community centers at the kinder. Each classroom was a center, such as: bakery, firefighters, spa, post office and doctor.

During Creativity, our kiddos had so much fun doing several projects. Each one did a fire fighter helmet, an airplane and a car. They enjoyed it so much!

At Story Time they were excited to hear the stories of several books, such as: “My Little People Busy Town”, “Away We Go!”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “Dora´s What Will I Be?”.

Next week we will learn about several themes related to the farm.

We want to ask you to please start sending egg shells to the kinder, so we can start decorating them for our easter parade.

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

Rescue Team!

This week we had a special visit from the Rescue Team. Busy Bees saw the different equipment that the rescue team has on their truck, such as a neck collar and a stretcher. Also, they had the opportunity to hear the loud siren. They had lots of fun!

Our kiddos also learned about garbage collectors, firefighters and astronauts. During Physical Development, they enjoyed “launching” rockets to space using a parachute. Busy Bees also enjoy performing circuits around the gym, this activities help us reinforce taking turns.

Next week we will learn many things about air and water transportation.

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

Valentine’s Day!

During the week we reviewed several community helpers, such as: police officer, mail man, doctor, dentist, teacher, garbage collector, firefighter and baker. They are now very aware of their names and are able to identify them. Never the less the highlight for the kids was most definitely today’s Valentine’s party. They got to exchange their candy and valentines with one another!

At Creativity Time, our kiddos enjoyed painting with sponges and stamps! They did a flower for you, also each one made a tool belt and a heart.

They really enjoyed Story Time! Our Busy Bees were happy listening and observing the drawings on several books, such as: The Wheels on the Bus; Dora´s What Will I Be?; From Head to Toe; and Dragons loves tacos!

Next week we will learn all about transportation!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Policeman and Dentist visit!

February is here! A month that represents love and friendship, with lots of new vocabulary words to learn. During this month we will have several visits from community helpers, such as: Police officer, dentist, firefighter and rescue team.

On Wednesday police officers dropped by the kinder and gave a brief explanation on traffic signals. Our Bees were very excited to get in their patrol car. We also had Vic Tellez birthday cupcakes , the kiddos loved signing happy birthday

One of this week’s key themes was “baker” so during Creativity they helped to make their chef’s hat. They also got to experience different flavors and choose which one they liked the most.

Valentine´s Day celebration is coming up on Friday, February 14th! The Party Hosts will provide snacks, so instead of sending a lunchbox on that day, please just send their water bottle. Busy Bess will exchange Valentine’s treats with their friends. Please label only who it’s from, so we make it easier for the kids to pass them out. Also, make sure to send a bag for your child to collect them.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Winter Review

Exploration time is always a surprise for the kids. This week we reviewed our winter topics and made some “snow”.  Our kiddos used several plastic winter animals and played with them in their habitat.

Creativity time was the perfect class to go over the different concepts learned during January. Busy Bees loved making an igloo with a penguin and a bear. They enjoyed experiencing different textures and sensations. Finally, they made icicles using glue and glitter.

Next week we will start learning about several community helpers. Also, “Pedro Ardilla” and the police will visit us at the kinder on Wednesday, February 5th.

Please remember we won’t be having classes on Monday, so see you next Tuesday!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Forest and Winter Animals!

This week we had so much fun learning about winter animals, such as: how they live, what do they eat and what kind of weather they endure, etc. Also, we reviewed forest animals and everything that is related to their habitat.

During Creativity, we made a weekly project that include both type of animals and we used water colors to decorate it.They were amazed to see how it came out!

At Exploration, our Busy Bees also practiced their fine motor skills by inserting straws in bottles. They just can’t get enough of this! Also, our kiddos had a great time playing with our “special” icy sensory box. They had tons of fun finding several winter animals inside it..

They had a great time at Grandmother’s Day Celebration, they all did a beautiful painting. Our Busy Bees were very excited to show Grandma how they dance and sing, it was great having all of them here.

This week we had Eugenio Ramos birthday, we sang happy birthday and celebrated with him.

Next week, we will review all the themes that we have learned during the month of January.

We hope you have an amazing weekend!