Having Fun At The Jungle!

Hello Parents!

This week our Butterflies learned more about animals, such as: bear, jaguar, owl, snakes, birds of paradise and some forest and desert animals. Their vocabulary about animals has been growing and they are able to identify new animals everyday.

During Creativity on Monday they made a cute little bear mask using a paper plate.. Then on Tuesday they made a jaguar handprint using orange and black paint. Afterward on Wednesday they made a paper plate bird and hopefully had fun decorating their bird with colorful feathers. Thursday came by and we practiced our motor skills by tearing up craft paper to then paste them and form an owl. Finally on Friday our Butterflies were able to decorate the sun clay snakes that they previously molded. Did you had fun playing with the clay and making a snake?

We had our weekly Zoom session on Tuesday. It is lovely to see those beautiful smiles. We reviewed the body parts and they shared some of their favorite toys. Also, we even identified some animals from Mr. Mike’s Animal Alphabet and Jungle posters.

have you been watching Mr. Mike’s Circle Time on his Youtube channel? Don’t miss them, you’ll have a great time!

Next week we will learn all about pets! Don’t miss our next Zoom session on Tuesday at 4:00pm so you can share with us your pets!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jungle Time!

Hello Parents!

This week we have been learning more about jungle animals. For Creativity we did several fun crafts, for example: On Monday our our little ones made a kangaroo using a brown paper bag, on Tuesday they worked on a letter “Z” zebra, during Wednesday they made a tiger using popsicle sticks, then on Thursday our Beautiful Butterflies made a hippo using paper plates and finally on Friday they made a flamingo using their handprint with pink paint. It’s wonderful to see all the photos you send us and we always share them on our instagram account.

Did you enjoyed Mr. Mike’s Circle Time? During the week he showed us many interesting activities. We loved watching “Jump along Joey”, “Zany Zebra”, “Terrific Tiger”, “Hungry Hippos” and “The Flamingo Dance”.

We are going to keep up with our weekly zoom sessions on Tuesday at 4:00pm. It made us feel really excited to see that some of you were able to join. The kids had lots of fun playing Scavenger Hunt. They showed us jungle and farm animals, letters, numbers, shapes, fruits, colors and many other fun stuff they found on their homes. It is always a pleasure to see those beautiful faces. Hope you can all make it next Tuesday for another fun hunt.

Don’t forget to watch our instagram videos, tutorials and Mr. Mike’s youtube channel. It is important for them to keep on learning at home and you as parents are the best teachers for them.

Next week our animal adventure will continue with new animals, such as: bear, jaguar, birds of paradise, forest, desert and reptile animals. Stay tuned for much more fun activities!

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Five Little Monkeys!


First of all we want to wish all of you wonderful moms a very Happy Mothers Day! We dearly wish you have a great day with all your family. From all of us in Toddler Tree we hope you enjoyed baking the chocolate chip cookies with your children at home. Please remember to send us pictures.

This week’s crafts were full of fun! Our Butterflies made some fun giraffe hats! Thanks a lot for sharing those photos of your kids with their activities, we really love to see them! On Tuesday they made some elephants using their handprint and grey paint. Then the rest of the week we worked on a longer and more detailed activity that involved making some hanging monkeys with handprints and a crocodile with their footprint. Just as the book Five Little Monkeys Sitting on a Tree.

Don’t forget to watch all our Instagram videos each week. They are all there saved for you to watch whenever you have time with your kids. They are all about what we are learning each week.

Next week we will continue to learn about jungle animals, such as: kangaroo, zebra, tiger, hippopotamus, flamingo and ostrich. Thank you so much for all your support and keep on sending us photos!

We love and miss your children so much,

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hello May!

Hello Butterflies!

This week we continued to learn about insects and bugs. We reviewed about caterpillars and butterflies, then we introduced bees and their beehives.

For Creativity we had several crafts, such as: a bug in a branch using plastic spoons and a weekly pot project to plant seeds in it. Remember we need to put water it each day, we need to take care of our plantS. You will love to see how it grows day by day!

Did you enjoyed Physical Development time? We can imagine you had fun listening to the new songs such as: “Fuzzy Buzzy Honeybees” and “The Bees Go Buzzing.” Hopefully you also did some of the recommended exercises at home, such as: moving and crawling like a caterpillar.

We have been posting some fun learning videos on instagram. Make sure to check them out! You will see many surprises such as real insects, books, and fun ways to learn! We love to see your photos and we hope you also liked the balloon for Children’s Day! It was a lovely gift for you by Toddler Tree.

Next week we will learn about jungle animals such as elephant, monkey, lion, crocodile and giraffe!

Have an amazing weekend!

Crafty Butterflies!

Words cannot describe how much we are missing you and our normal routine. Even though we are still not in the classroom, learning will continue! We really hope you are enjoying the videos and material we are sending home.

This week we introduced insects and learned vocabulary words such as bugs, beetles, dirt, worms, fly, swatter, ladybug, grasshopper, cricket, ants and anthill.

Our crafts this week were: a bugs jar using your fingerprints to create them, a beautiful rainbow ant using crepe paper balls (this helps develop their fine motor skills a lot), a colorful snail decorated with fruit loops, a harvest of several vegetables and an apple were they used yarn to lace through holes pretending that a worm ate it. To finish off we included an extra activity of tracing their own place mat, they can learn how to set the table and where the plate, the fork, knife, spoon and cup goes.

Thank you for joining our live zoom session on Wednesday! We really enjoyed seeing most of our butterflies! We hope you liked playing Mr. Mike’s Bingo. It makes us feel so happy to see what all of you have been doing. Thank you so much for sharing with us your photos and videos. Please continue to do so.

Next week we will be learning about Bees, Caterpillars and Butterflies!

We love and miss you so much!

S Is For Spring!

How are you doing? We hope you are enjoying our videos and are having lots of fun with all the activities and ideas we are sending you. This week was about reviewing spring. We learned about spring recycling, growing plants, flowers, trees, umbrella, rain, boots, and going to the park.

This week during Creativity our kids have been making a beautiful rain cloud with rainbow color string papers, they turned out lovely. You can paste the cloud in the window so everybody can see it. We also made an umbrella using a coffee filter and acuarelas or markers. Another day we worked on a dandelion using q-tips having the kids insert the q-tips on the styrofoam. This exercise reinforces their fine motor skills. Also. we made a flower using their hand print. You can stick it on a plant or in a bottle and use it as a centerpiece. Did you like the pasta flower activity? Was it fun coloring pasta and pasting it to form a flower? We sent two extra activities that included a caterpillar and an envelope with a paper to practice pre writing skills.

Next week we will be learning about ants, worms, ladybugs, fly, swatter and more insects.

We wish you good health and lots of happy memorable moments during this difficult time. We miss all of our Butterflies vey much. Please send them a huge hug!

Hello April!

Hello Parents!

This week we learned about parade, trike, bike, ride, rainbow, wind, and kites. We hope you enjoyed the different activities and videos we have been sharing at our instagram page.

During our Instagram videos, we are reviewing some morning routine songs, letter sounds, shapes, numbers and much more. Also we have been telling stories such as “The Very Bad Bunny”, “What is up Duck” and their favorite one “Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See.””

For Creativity the kids worked on a small project about how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. There were also other activities, such as: the carrot footprints, painting a rainbow using q tips, and the bunny ears hat with the paper plate. We hope you were able to enjoy each activity with your child. In the material kit provided, we also sent some extra spring printables to practice fine motor skills.

The week of April 13th, we will review all about spring, growing plants, recycling, going to the park and much more. There will be lots of new and fun activities!

Have a wonderful Easter vacation! Enjoy your family and this precious time at home!

Sending you and your children lots of LOVE!

Totally Egg-cited!

Another week went by, we hope you are enjoying your kids at home and having lots of fun with them. Are you liking all the videos and ideas we are posting on instagram?

This week the main theme was Easter! Since it is just around the corner, we want our little ones to understand the topic through fun and lovely crafts!  We worked on making a bumblebee using egg carton, decorating a butterfly with large sequins, created an easter basket with paper plates, having a blast stamping an easter egg with pom poms and making window art with cellophane squares.

Mr. Mike and Miss Mely are submitting a lot of videos, you can watch them with your kids! We are sure they will like to see them.

Remember to keep on checking your social media for upcoming activities and surprises. Next week we will learn about parades, bikes, rainbows, wind, kites. Also, we are going to review easter, spring and ecology.

Stay at home and take care! Enjoy this precious time with your family!

Sending all of you lots of Love!

Spring has Sprung!

We hope you had a wonderful week at home with your children. We miss them so much and wish we could be back at the kinder as soon as possible. However, we believe this will take a little bit more time. Hope this situation we are living today will get better and continue with our daily routine.

For Creativity we sent some ideas, such as: doing some flowers with egg cartons or with recycled material and planting a seed on jars or egg shells. We found out that some of you made them! It made us feel so happy you are having fun with your kids and creating things. Remember you can use any material substitutes that you may have at home There are always things you can use instead, they don’t necessary need to be the exact ones.

Our Butterflies love playing, so we recommend playing games with them, such as: the tossing balls, hide and seek, obstacle courses, etc. The kids will love whatever you do with them! Spending quality time with them is priceless!

Next week we will learn all about easter, making baskets, coloring eggs, easter bunny and playing hide and seek. Remember to check out Mr. Mike’s videos on instagram.

Hope to see you soon!

I Love My Farm!

This week our kids have been continuing learning all about the farm and its animals. Mr. Mike has been Grandpa Mike from “Grandpa’s Farm” all week long.

Also, we have been working and finishing our little Farm project. It turned out super cute! Beautiful Butterflies were so proud of their work! The kiddos are identifying the farm animals and their sounds. Most of them already know most of the animals.

At our Morning Routine, we have been practicing identifying the different farm animals on the bulletin boards. Also, we have been using stuffed animals, toy animals, flashcards and many more resources to continue enriching them. We really enjoy hearing them repeat the animal sounds.

Next week we will introduce the theme about Spring. Our Butterflies will learn about plants and flowers, seeds and all about growing. We will also teach them about Spring Green and recycling.

Thank you and have a wonderful long weekend!