Bye Bye February!

This week our Butterflies started off learning about transportation and the different types of vehicles that we have according to land, water and air.

During Creativity they worked on several projects, our little ones really enjoy exploring new materiales and supplies. Each one created a a paper boat, they decorated it by using dot to dot markers and water colors. They also did a wooden airplane and had a chance to play with them. They were amazed to see how the airplanes fly. We also taught them about the importance of caring for our neighbors and living in a neighborhood.

Today we had so much fun visiting every classroom. Each one was a community center, such as: beauty salon, post office, hospital, fire fighter station and bakery. They  really enjoyed visiting each center and making different activities.

Next week we will learn several things related to the farm, such as: milk, butter and cheese, corn and beans.

We want to ask you to please start sending egg shells to the kinder, so we can start decorating them for our easter parade.

Have a wonderful weekend!

My Community Helpers!

This week our Butterflies have been enjoying the Transportation and Community Helpers theme a lot.

During Creativity, our little ones practiced their fine motor skills by pasting pom poms on circles on a car. They also made a firefighter hat and a garbage truck bag. Finally, they also did their own astronaut and decorated it using glitter, stars and aluminum.

Exploration Time was so much fun! The kids pretended to be firefighters and we all “went on a mission”. We sprayed some shaving cream on top of a play house and using food coloring it turned red, yellow and orange, the colors of fire. Then each one had the opportunity to spray water on the shaving cream pretending to put the fire out. They loved being firefighters.

Toddler Tree had a special visit from our Rescue Team. They learned about they do at our community and had a chance to observe the Rescue truck. Our Butterflies really enjoyed the visit and were very attentive.

Next week we will learn about different transportation vehicles.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

You’re My Valentine!

This week the kids have been learning about valentines and more community helpers, such as: Doctor, nurse and construction worker.

During Creativity Butterflies made an x-ray using q tips and tracing their little hand with chalk. Also, they made a nurse hat using foamy, large sequins, and glitter. They really liked to wear their Nurse hats. Also, we made a beautiful heart using their hand prints and decorated it with shinny flowers and butterflies. When we started learning about construction workers, our kiddos created a construction kit. They colored some tools and pasted them on their tool box.

At Circle time,  Mr. Mike dressed up as a doctor and showed them many utensils that doctors use. Such as the stetoscope, tongue depressers, band aids, flash lights and much more. We also reviewed with them the song and rhyme of Victor and Valeria Valentine. Our little ones enjoyed it very much!

Today we had our Valentines party. They were really excited sharing their goodies with their friends. We made a circle and each child had a chance to give each friend their present. We are learning to take turns and being patient.

Next week we will learn about transportation, fire fighters, garbage collectors and space astronauts.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hello February!

This week we introduced some community helpers and Valentine’s themes. During Creativity our Butterflies worked on stamping hearts using paint and toilet paper roll.

At Circles Time, Mr. Mike showed the kids Victor and Valeria valentine with a new song and rhyme. Our little ones enjoyed so much!

On Wednesday we had the policeman visit at the kinder. They were so excited to see the police car, the policeman and ”Pedro Ardilla”. It was so exciting listening to the siren.

At Creativity, our little ones were very happy how their police car turned out. They pasted blue pieces of paper and finished off pasting a star on it. Also, they colored a cupcake and then they used a glue stick to sprinkled some glitter on it.

On Friday we had another visit from the dentist. She showed us how to brush our teeth using a huge tooth brush. She also emphasized on the importance of taking care of your teeth and eating healthy food.

Valentine´s Day celebration is coming up on Friday, February 14th! The Party Hosts will provide snacks, so instead of sending a lunchbox on that day, please just send their water bottle. Butterflies will exchange Valentine’s treats with their friends. Please label only who it’s from, so we make it easier for the kids to pass them out. Also, make sure to send a bag for your child to collect them.

Next week we will continue to learn about more community helpers, such as doctor, nurse, construction worker, mailman and teachers.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bye Bye Polar Bear!

This week we have been reviewing everything we learned this month. During Creativity the kids worked on a winter project. Each day they made something different to add on the project. First they made an igloo using legos and stamped them using white paint on a blue foamy. Then they did a a polar bear pasting cotton and adding glitter on it. Another day they made their hand print with paint and we decorated each finger as penguins. Also they made a delicious brown bear using toast, peanut butter, cranberries and banana.

At Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed them ice and they were able to touch and feel it. He also surprised them with all the forest and winter animals. We sang new songs and rhymes, such as: Beny the Raccoon.

Next week we will be learning about friendship, love, police officer, baker and dentist. Also, “Pedro Ardilla” and the police will visit us at the kinder on Wednesday, February 5th.

Remember that we do not have classes on Monday, see you next Tuesday.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

A Is For Animal!

This week our Butterflies have been learning all about forest animals, winter animals and whales. They have enjoyed all the activities, new songs, dances and creativity projects. We learned the sounds the animals make and we were impressed that many pf our little ones were able to repeat and identify them.

During Creativity the kids made several amazing crafts. They made a fox using tongue depressers which they colored with markers. Then, each one made a  beautiful penguin using stencils, sponges and black paint. Also, we made a snowy owl using a pine cone. The kiddos were very entertained inserting cotton balls in the pine cone, this activity reinforces their fine motor skills. Finally, we gave them some cloth pins and they pasted a whale on them to later decorate it using glitter. They loved to open and close the pins because it looks like the whale is opening its mouth.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike surprised them with a huge Sven reindeer form the movie Frozen. They were able to ride it and give it carrots. Our Butterflies also learned about Polar bears, the penguin dance and even played with penguin masks.

During Fine Motor Time, we have been using new materials, such as: tweezers and ice trays. They are learning to use them and sort the pom poms on the ice trays. Also, they love to use the tongue depressers and insert them on a jar sorting them by color.

Next week we will review all about snow, winter sports, winter and forest animals.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Winter Clothing!

This week has been all about winter and winter clothing. The kids are learning new vocabulary words, such as: hat, mittens, gloves, jacket, boots scarf, earmuffs.

At Creativity, we worked on a weekly project which consisted of several steps. First we started tracing their bodies on craft paper and each day they worked on dressing it with winter cloths. On Monday we did the hat using ice cube paint. They were so excited touching the ice and experimenting painting with it. They also used rollers to paint on a white cardboard. The next day we used glitter and cotton to finish up the winter hat. Then using bubble wrap they painted the jacket, stamping the bubble wrap on the craft paper. Another day our butterflies worked on pasting large sequins on some pre-cut foamy mittens.

During Circle Time They have been learning everything about winter clothes. We also danced around with the B-O-O-T-S song. Our Butterflies were so happy!

They have really enjoyed the new routine, It is a huge opportunity for them to experience learning in different environments.

In Fine Motors our little one’s  have been using scissors for their first time. We are impressed how they enjoy cutting, tearing paper and working with scissors.

Next week we will be learning all about forest and winter animals.

Thank you so much for your support and have a wonderful weekend!

Winter Is Here!

Happy New Year and welcome back to Toddler Tree! We hope you had a wonderful restful vacation with all your family and friends. We are so happy to have our students back!

They had no trouble adapting to our new routine. We have been fluttering around different classrooms and it has been a great learning opportunity since each classroom provides new areas and materials to explore.

We are learning about winter, starting off with winter vocabulary and working on several exciting activities.

During Creativity our kiddos made a melted snowman using paintbrushes and white paint. They also made a coffee filter snowflake. We used markers and droppers with water to tie dye the paint.

In Circle Time, they enjoyed watching the pretend falling snowflakes while singing “Little Snowflake.” They also learned the different seasons and what happens in each one of them.

For Physical Development, we played with the parachute and danced around it.

Thank you so much and have a nice weekend!

Teaching Perseverance Early

Perseverance is the ability to overcome obstacles and the desire to continue to work toward a goal or task even when challenges are involved.

The ability to persevere and overcome challenges is key to success in work and personal relationships. Many children struggle in class but continue to study and improve. Others miss the goal when shooting for the win, but keep trying and playing. Preparing your child to handle setbacks well contributes powerfully to their future success. When a child is 3 or 4, learning to persevere often starts by trying something at which he or she is naturally skilled. This could be puzzles, building blocks, coloring or painting, depending on the child. As your child gets better at doing puzzles, for instance, she may then learn to persevere in areas in which she’s not as skilled. You can help lay the foundation for your child’s future success by teaching him about failure and perseverance now.

A great way to discuss perseverance with your small child is to read books together where the characters overcome obstacles. For example, The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper is a classic story about a train engine who perseveres and succeeds. For a lesson about failure and quitting, Winners Never Quit!, by Mia Hamm, is another good book to read together.

Try to let your child fail from time to time. If your child is working on a puzzle or trying to zip his jacket and you see him struggling, try not to step in immediately. Allowing your child time to work through frustrating and difficult tasks will help build his perseverance. Even if your child isn’t successful, it’s O.K. to simply say to her, “Do you need help with your zipper?” instead of solving the problem for her. If she asks for help, show her how to do it and be patient if she insists on trying again herself. Neurologist and teacher Judy Willis recommends setting your kids up for success by letting them know when something will require time and perseverance. For example, when starting a puzzle, or learning to tie a shoe, tell them it won’t be completed all in one sitting. There might be a smaller goal for today — crossing the laces — with a longer-term goal in the future — to tie the shoes all by themselves.

Teaching Listening Skills

Use the following simple strategies to help your toddler listen better:

Read to her

Reading aloud to your toddler is a great way to improve her listening skills. Use silly voices, or emphasize certain words or phrases to get her attention. Try to get fresh reading material as often as you can. If your toddler hasn’t heard the story before, she will have to listen to find out what happens! You can also buy books that are specially written to teach children to listen.

Get down to her level

Bellowing from a great height, or even another room, rarely has the desired effect. Instead, squat down or pick up your child so that you can look her in the eye and grab her attention. She’ll be more inclined to listen if you sit down next to her before reminding her to eat up her porridge.

Similarly, perch on her bed at night when telling her you’re about to turn off the light.

Share mealtimes

It can be hard to find time for your whole family to sit down and talk to each other. Mealtimes are a perfect time to do this. It may not be possible to do this every night, but try to set one day a week, such as Sunday evening, for everyone to sit down and share a meal. If you don’t have a table, see if you can buy a fold-away version. This will give your toddler a chance to see her parents interacting and listening, and it will also give her an opportunity to chat and listen, too.

Be clear

State your message clearly, simply and authoritatively. Your toddler will zone out if you bang on about something. Try not to say, “It’s cold outside and you’ve been poorly lately, so I want you to put on your jacket before we go to the store.” Instead try, “It’s time to put on your jacket.” She will understand what you’re saying more easily and be more inclined to listen.

And try not to phrase something as a question if your toddler doesn’t actually have a choice. “Let’s get into your car seat,” has much more impact than, “Do you want to climb into your car seat now, sweetie?”

Follow through fast

Make it clear that you mean what you say and don’t make threats, or promises, you won’t keep. If you tell your two-year-old, “You can have water with your dinner,” don’t waver five minutes later and give her juice. Making sure your partner shares your rules and that you both stick to them will help your toddler feel more secure.

Make your follow-through speedy, too. You wouldn’t shout “Don’t run across the road!” five times, so try not to repeat less urgent instructions. If you want your toddler to put her cup on the table, say, “Put your cup on the table.” If she doesn’t, guide her hand to place the cup on the table. That way, she knows what you want her to do.

Reinforce your message

It helps to back up what you say with other cues, especially if you’re trying to pull your child away from an absorbing activity. Say, “Time for bed!” and then give a visual cue (flicking the light switch on and off), a physical cue (laying your hand on her shoulder), or a demonstration (steering her towards her bed).

Give warnings

Give your toddler advance notice when a big change is about to happen, especially if she’s happily involved with toys or a friend. There’s no point in giving your toddler a five-minute warning, as she’s too young to understand the concept of time. Instead, when you’re getting ready to leave the house say, “When you have finished dressing your doll, put your coat on.”

Give realistic instructions

If you tell your two-year-old to put her toys away, she may look around the room and think, “No way!” Instead, give her specific and manageable tasks, such as “Let’s put the yellow blocks away.” Once she’s accomplished the first task, you can make it into a game by saying, “Good. Now let’s put the blue blocks away.”


Yelling orders may get results, but some children will get upset and no one will enjoy the process. Your toddler will respond better to confident good humour. For example, occasionally use a silly voice or a song to deliver your message. You could sing, “Now it’s time to brush your teeth” to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down, for example.

Stress the benefits of getting the job done quickly. Say, “Brush your teeth and then we’ll read your favourite book”, instead of “Brush your teeth or you’ll get fillings”, or “Brush your teeth NOW!” Praise her when she finishes brushing and before you do a quick checking brush, with “Good listening!”

The good humor, affection and trust you show your toddler will make her want to listen to you. She’ll know that you love her and think she’s special. This is important when you need to be firm, too. Straightforward, authoritative instructions are more powerful when they’re accompanied by a hug or a smile. Then your toddler learns that paying attention is worthwhile.

Set a good example

Your toddler will be a better listener if she sees that you are a good listener, too. Try to listen to her as respectfully as you would to any adult. Look at her when she talks to you, respond politely and let her finish without interrupting. It may be difficult when you’re cooking dinner and she’s especially chatty, but try not to turn your back on her while she’s talking.

As with so many behaviors, the old saying “Do as I say, not as I do”, has no value when teaching your toddler to listen. It’s what you do that counts.