Class of 2020!

This week we continued talking about sea animals. We had a lot of fun doing all our crafts. Big Bears had a chance to talk during our zoom sessions about the new vocabulary words.

This school year has been a blessing for us! We had the opportunity to be part of our Big Bears’ lives. At the moment there are feelings of sadness, happiness, and most importantly, pride. We are sure that the future of our little ones will be filled with wonderful experiences.

Being teachers is a grand reward every day, and each one of our students gave us the chance to learn numerous new things. We are beaming with joy with the final outcome of the 2019 – 2020 School Year. We are so proud of them! They will always be present in our hearts and minds.

“Family is the first school for young children, and parents are powerful models”.

Thank you very much for attending to the Graduation Stroll we really appreciated your time.

We want to share with you this thought : “Listen to anything your children want to tell you . If YOU DON ‘T LISTEN to small stuff NOW, they won’t tell you the big stuff later“!

Big Bears kiddos and parents : “WE LOVE YOU “ Thanks for sharing part of your life with us!

Take care and wishing you a wonderful summer!

Pd- Happy Fathers Day

Pets Are Amazing!

Hi Big Bears!

I noticed our kiddos really enjoyed this week topics! They were very excited learning about pets we can have at home. Also, we talked about their names, characteristics and how to take care of them.

It’s very important when you want to have a pet at home and teach your child. The first thing they will learn, is to observe how you treat it. By looking at you they will learn that there is a responsability and care for the animal. We also talked about the importance of respecting them. You will be surprised all the wonderful things your child could learn. Pets love to be petted all the time, play, run and they make a special connection when the child speaks and express his feelings.

Thank you for sharing with us all the all the marvelous projects that our kiddos have been doing.

We love seeing our Bears at the Zoom sessions. They enjoy interacting and talking to their friends, even showing some toys. At the same time, we practice our routines and the best part is that they practice speaking in English. So, lets keep it up and attend the Zoom Session every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10:15 a.m.

Also, we would like for you to keep reinforcing tracing skills.

We have been so proud of our Big Bears through out this year! They have been reciting rhymes, singing songs, followIng morning routines, exercising with Ms. Mely and of course, Circle Time with Mr. Mike.

Next week we will learn about different sea animals and their habitat.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

B is for Bear!

Hi Big Bears!

For the past weeks we have learned to practice and comunícate using different skills. Not only you, your parents also!

Home has become an important issue in our daily learning. But at the same time we have experienced new methods of learning.

We have lots of benefits through art. It helps us to develop creativity giving us confidence in our work. It takes time with patience and focus on the project. At times we realize that we are working on a team and dedicating the time necessary to follow the process.

We have seen that everyone has a unique way of working. That we are not competing nor comparing with each other. Just by looking at the pictures you send, we can see In your eyes and face the fun and excitement your are experiencing at home with your parents. We only want for you to discover in your hearts, that the process is the most important. And now you have someone special knowing she is with you!

We also thank you for watching the Morning Routine and Mr. Mike’s Circle Time. He and Ms. Mely have been sendIng excellent and enriching daily videos.

We are very proud of you Big Bears for doing all the wonderful projects.

Remember to join our Zoom sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10:15 a.m.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wonders Of The Jungle!

Hi Big Bears,

Did you have fun learning about the jungle animals? Remember that you can visit them at the zoo too. Each one has something special/unique and their habitats are different.

We have enjoyed doing different activities during creativity, such as: painting and using several techniques so they can continue developIng their fine motor skills. Also, we are helping to reinforce theIr ability of holding a paint brush, marker or crayón. By doing these crafts they also express their feelings.

The main idea is not to do a perfect project, it’s about experiencing all the type of techniques and materials. It might sometimes be messy but it’s part of the whole developing process. Please continue sending pictures, we love seeing our Big Bears!

Did you enjoy Mr. Mike’s Circle Time? During the week he showed us many interesting activities. We loved watching “Jump along Joey”, “Zany Zebra”, “Terrific Tiger”, “Hungry Hippos” and “The Flamingo Dance”.

We are very happy to see and interact with our kiddos on the Zoom sessions. Thank you for participating! Let’s keep up the great work and remember to join us every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10:15am.

My heart is full with enormous love for my unique Big Bears and parents. I have no words to thank you for what you did today. You all have given me one of the best days of my life! Thank you and love you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fun At The Jungle!

Hi Big Bears,

This week we started learning about the different types of animals that live in the jungle. We are going to have so much fun practicing new movements and sounds.

Our weekly crafts turned out beautiful! Big Bears you have been doing a great job making different animals using several techniques and materiales. Remember we are always looking to reinforce their fine motor skills.

Have you been practicing a song and poem for Mom? Hope you also enjoy baking cookies with Mommy! Please share pictures with us! Wishing all our Big Bear’s Moms the best and hoping you will have a special Happy Mother’s Day!

Next week we will continue learning about more jungle animals.

Have a fun weekend and keep enjoying these special moments!

Creepy Creepy Crawlies!

Hi Big Bears!

We had fun learning how bugs and insects are different. While doing our project we realized that some have hairy legs and tiny wings and others have a long antennae and yellow wings.It was lovely watching how some of you went outside your house looking for some insects.

Did you had a great time with the pot and planting seed project? We were amazed to see how creative you decorated your pots.

Thank you so much for joining our Zoom Sessions! We had a unique way of celebrating Children’s Day at our Zoom Party! It was a blast playing different types of activities. We love you, Big Bears! Hope you all had an awesome time!

Next week we will introduce and learn the difference between jungle and zoo animals.

Remember to join Miss Caya every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10:15am at the Zoom Sessions!

Stay home and be safe,
Have a nice weekend!

Big Bears Never Stop Learning!

Hi Big Bears!

It has been a wonderful time listening and seeing you at the Zoom Sessions! We are so proud that you are practicing the morning routine at home!

Wow, you have learned a lot about bugs and insects. Now you know how they are different.

Big Bears we hope you had a great time while doing the different creativity projects. Did you enjoyed eating cereal while doing the snail project? We are sure you also did a great job threading,cutting, and planting a veggie garden. Please send us photos to see all your wonderful crafts.

Let’s start practicing the following song that goes like this:
“ Bugs “
Big bugs, small bugs
Big bugs, small bugs

See them crawl up the wall
Creepy, creepy crawling
Never, never falling

Bugs, bugs, bugs
Bugs, bugs, bugs

Next week we will be learning about Bees, Caterpillars, Butterflies, Picnic Time and Children’s Day!

Remember every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10:15am to Join Ms. Caya at the Zoom Session!

Have a nice weekend!

A Colorful Spring!

We started introducing the spring season with new vocabulary words such as: rain, rainbow, sun, clouds, umbrellas and boots. Also, we made important observations like how clouds change their color and shape with the weather and how we dress differently depending on the weather.

Were you able to plant a seed ? It can be a bean or chia seed. I prefer the second because it grows faster. Remember a seed needs sun,water and air. Look how it grows! Now lets sing:
Plant, plant,plant your seeds
In a long straight row
Water them and watch them
As they grow!

For Creativity we have been doing many fun and colorful crafts. Yesterday and Today we made two types of flowers using different materials and techniques. This activities also gave us an opportunity to learn the parts of a flower: stem, leaves, roots and petals.

Next week we will see the different types of insects and their habitats.

Have a wonderful weekend and take care!

Happy Easter!

Hi Big Bears,

Wishing you the best!

Wow, what an adventure has been for all of us during these pass days. But at the same time we have or are learning new ways to appreciate to be more thankful.

Big Bears are you ready for the Easter Party at home ? Well, you already have an Easter Bunny mask and Easter eggs. Now, we need help to hide the eggs! Ready? Let’s Go and grab a basket, paper bag or bucket to find the eggs! Count them and if you find one with confetti, go to your garden and break it! You are going to have an amazing time!

Keep up the good work. Practice as much as you can and also help Mom or Dad do different activities.

After Spring Break we will start focusing on insects.

Have a nice and safe Easter Holiday!

Easter Rabbit is Almost Here!

Hi Big Bears,

First we want to let you know that we miss you a lot! But we have to be safe and stay home. We are sure you are having lots of fun with your family.

Did you had time to listen to the “Rabbit Ears Story” by Amber Stewart? I thought it was a great story. Are you teaching your family how to do different physical development exercises? Please send as many pictures or videos saying the rhymes or poems.

Are you enjoying the videos and activities in our instagram page? Today we posted a special dance called “When Ms. Caya gets crazy”! It’s Friday!

Hope to see you soon, have a wonderful weekend!