Bye, Bye Winter! Hello Spring!

The weather is getting warmer and we can’t help getting excited about it! This week the Tiny Turtles were learning about spring, and getting to know new vocabulary words like flower, grow, seed, garden, tree, planting, shovel and hoe.

During Exploration the kids looked for new objects on the bulletin board. They found many butterflies, flowers and birds and a big blooming tree. The kids love this activity! We also learned how things can grow by putting beans in a cup and sprinkling them with water. We’ve been checking on our plants every morning, to see how they have grown and changed.

The Turtles really enjoyed their art projects! We worked on a rainbow cloud as well as a garden with flowers using materials such as: cotton, paper, paint, sponges and playdoh.

During story time, the kids were happy to hear some stories, including: “Five Little Lady Bugs”, “Butterfly Kiss” and “Spring is here!”

Next week we will be learning about bugs and insects.

Have a cheerful weekend!

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