Bye Bye Tiny Turtles!

Our school year is oficially over! It is so sad to say goodbye and see you all go. But we are very happy because we know that you are all ready and will do great in whatever comes in the future!

This week, we enjoyed summer activities and the best part was the last day of school! We got to play outside with fun water slides and sprinklers! You also made a gift for your dads and it came out great! Happy Father’s day!

We learned so many things this year! Your kiiddos know how to count from 1 to 20. They know all the colors and shapes, the ABC songs and many dance routines. It was an amazing year! So many wonderful memories! We shared great moments together, first steps, first words, first little steps of success for our little champions!

We hope that you remember your teachers and the good times we had. Please feel free to come and say hi next year!

Have a great summer and please take care! We love you!

Miss Yana, Miss Euge & Miss Isa

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