Bye Bye Polar Bear!

This week we have been reviewing everything we learned this month. During Creativity the kids worked on a winter project. Each day they made something different to add on the project. First they made an igloo using legos and stamped them using white paint on a blue foamy. Then they did a a polar bear pasting cotton and adding glitter on it. Another day they made their hand print with paint and we decorated each finger as penguins. Also they made a delicious brown bear using toast, peanut butter, cranberries and banana.

At Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed them ice and they were able to touch and feel it. He also surprised them with all the forest and winter animals. We sang new songs and rhymes, such as: Beny the Raccoon.

Next week we will be learning about friendship, love, police officer, baker and dentist. Also, “Pedro Ardilla” and the police will visit us at the kinder on Wednesday, February 5th.

Remember that we do not have classes on Monday, see you next Tuesday.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

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