Bye Bye February!

This week our Butterflies started off learning about transportation and the different types of vehicles that we have according to land, water and air.

During Creativity they worked on several projects, our little ones really enjoy exploring new materiales and supplies. Each one created a a paper boat, they decorated it by using dot to dot markers and water colors. They also did a wooden airplane and had a chance to play with them. They were amazed to see how the airplanes fly. We also taught them about the importance of caring for our neighbors and living in a neighborhood.

Today we had so much fun visiting every classroom. Each one was a community center, such as: beauty salon, post office, hospital, fire fighter station and bakery. They  really enjoyed visiting each center and making different activities.

Next week we will learn several things related to the farm, such as: milk, butter and cheese, corn and beans.

We want to ask you to please start sending egg shells to the kinder, so we can start decorating them for our easter parade.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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