B is for Bear!

Hi Big Bears!

For the past weeks we have learned to practice and comunícate using different skills. Not only you, your parents also!

Home has become an important issue in our daily learning. But at the same time we have experienced new methods of learning.

We have lots of benefits through art. It helps us to develop creativity giving us confidence in our work. It takes time with patience and focus on the project. At times we realize that we are working on a team and dedicating the time necessary to follow the process.

We have seen that everyone has a unique way of working. That we are not competing nor comparing with each other. Just by looking at the pictures you send, we can see In your eyes and face the fun and excitement your are experiencing at home with your parents. We only want for you to discover in your hearts, that the process is the most important. And now you have someone special knowing she is with you!

We also thank you for watching the Morning Routine and Mr. Mike’s Circle Time. He and Ms. Mely have been sendIng excellent and enriching daily videos.

We are very proud of you Big Bears for doing all the wonderful projects.

Remember to join our Zoom sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10:15 a.m.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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