This week we talked about everything related to the farm. The caterpillars learned new vocabulary words such as “farm”, “barn”, “farmer”, “rooster”, “corn” and “crops”.

Mr. Mike, during Circle Time, showed us farm animal puppets, he also talked about the farm and the farmer, how he plants crops such as corn.

During creativity, we made a rooster out of the kiddos’ hand print. They really enjoyed this project.

They also created a barn by coloring a paper bag using red paint, and inside it, they placed the different colored animal they made.

Physical development was so much fun! The little ones danced along to the “Chicken dance“, “I know a chicken“, “Walking on sunshine” and “Bingo“. They really enjoyed pretending to be a chicken and using shaky eggs.

Next week we will be learning more about farm animals, such as: cow, sheep, horse, pig and ducks.

We would like to kindly remind you to please send egg shells for the Easter egg hunt. Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

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