This week we learned about pets, the kiddos learned vocabulary words such as “dog”, “cat”, “bunny”, “fish”, and “turtle”.

The kids really enjoyed meeting all of their classmates’ pets. Thank you for bringing them to the kinder!

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed us about different pets. He showed a puppy dog as we all sang Bingo and a fluffy bunny while we sang Bunny Hop. Also, our little ones were very excited with a cute kitty as we sang and spelled K-i-t-t-y.

In Creativity, we made a fish bowl made out of paper plates, fruit loops for the little fish tank stones, green tissue paper for the seaweed and orange foamy as a goldfish. We also made a dog house made out of tongue depressors, as the little ones colored them with red and pasted a little dog photo on it.

Physical Development has been very exciting for all of us, since we have been rehearsing for our end of the year program. The kids are really feeling it and are so excited to perform for you next week..

Have a great weekend!

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