This week we learned many themes related to Easter and spring. Learning from home has been a change to all of us, but we’re doing great! We are so proud of our kiddos reviewing their shapes, numbers and learning new vocabulary words everyday. Thank you for your support, positivity and patience.

We’ll keep in touch with you via instagram live videos and posts. Thank you so much for helping us with morning routine props and for sending us beautiful photos of our Tigers doing their classroom creativity projects and fun games at home, as well as your pets!

We hope we can see each other very soon, give your little ones a big hug from us! And remember:

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” -Joseph Campbell

Have and amazing weekend! Stay safe, stay home!

Learning At Home!

Hello Terrific Tigers!

First of all we hope everyone is doing ok! We want to say thank you for your patience and cooperation during these challenging times. Staying home these days can be tricky! Kids are active at this stage, always exploring and filled with curiosity!

We love getting to see you in our Instagram Live Videos from Monday through Friday at 10:30, singing our Morning Routine songs and learning from home. Thank you for making your props, it makes it easier for us to teach and for the kids to learn in our virtual classroom.

It is exciting watching your home activity videos and photos, thank you so much for your effort.

Next week we will have lots of fun Easter time activities!

As always, we are in this together!

Spring is Near!

In the month of March we started learning new vocabulary words related to spring and farm animals. Our kids have been practicing them during the week.

At Circle Time, our Terrific Tigers have been learning with Mr. Mike. They enjoy so much watching his bulletin board. We pretend going plating and used props like a shovel and a hoe. Our kiddos loved listening to songs such as In “Our Garden and Growing” by Raffi.

At Recess we explored the garden and learned to recognize the name of the bugs and objects related with spring. They had lots of fun!

In Creativity Time, we are working on a new spring weekly project. It has plenty of flowers, trees and bushes. They will also decorate it using glitter and foamy.

We hope you have a great long weekend!

A Barn On My Farm!

This week our Terrific Tigers started learning about the Farm. Some vocabulary words that we started to talk about were: cow, pig, horse, chicken, sheep, duck, goat and rooster. Our kiddos really enjoy listening to the different animal sounds and have been learning to identify them.

During Creativity, we worked on our weekly project. First, on craft paper they used different colors of paint (green, blue and red) to create a barn with a beautiful landscape. We practiced cutting hand on hand the barn, so they could later paste it. Using their handprints each one made several farm animals, such as: cows and horses. At last, with their finger prints they created the chicks and other animals. It was a blast!

In Physical Development, we did many fun activities. Our kiddos are learning and dancing songs about farm animals. Also, we are conducting different exercise routines to develop their gross motor skills.

Our Easter Parade is coming up soon and we want to remind you to please send as many egg shells as you can already painted and filled with confetti. We really appreciate your help very much!

We hope you have a great long weekend!

Bye Bye February!

This was a very exciting week full of surprises! Our Terrific Tigers enjoyed reviewing about the different community helpers, such as: firefighters, and construction workers. Also, we talked about different types of transportations.

The highlight of the week for our little ones was our community helper centers day! The kids really enjoyed visiting each classrooms and learning about each center. They got to see and experienced working as our community helpers.

In Creativity Class, our students had a great time making their weekly craft related to transportation. t was exciting for them to see how their everyday work comes together into a beautiful project!

During Circle Time we loved “flying” on an airplane while wearing a pilot hat. Also, they had so much fun learning about the different transportation vehicles used by air, land and water.

Next week we will learn about several themes related to the farm.

We want to ask you to please start sending egg shells to the kinder, so we can start decorating them for our easter parade.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Learning About Transportation!

This week our Terrific Tigers enjoyed reviewing  all the types of transportation as well as community helpers. They are now very aware of our community helpers and can identify them.

The highlight of the week for our little ones was our visit from the rescue team! Several of them got so excited that they even went to wear a collar and lay on the stretcher. Our Tigers really enjoyed the visit!

During Creativity, we did several projects that helped us continue reinforcing their fine motor skills. Also, we have been cutting several materials by doing an “open close” movement. This activity helps our Terrific Tigers to develop their cutting skills.

At Circle Time, they had so much fun learning new songs and rhymes. They had so much fun learning which vehicle each community helper uses, etc.

Next week we will learn about different transportation vehicles. We are going to have so much fun!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Valentine’s Day!

This week was amazing! We had special visits from the eye doctor and ear doctor. We also had an amazing time on our field trip to Caterpillar!

As well, our Tigers learned about friendship, love and sharing with our loved ones. During Exploration and Morning Routine we practiced several vocabulary words related to community helpers and Valentine’s Day.

Today we had a Valentine’s Day Party, the kids really enjoyed their lunch and hitting the piñata. They also had a blast sharing gifts and treats with each other.

Next week we will continue learning about more community helpers. We look forward to the Firefighter and Rescue team visits in the coming weeks.

We hope you have a great weekend!

Valentine’s Month!

It will be a month full of surprises at Toddler Tree. This first week of February was so exciting for us!

We are starting to learn new vocabulary words related to community helpers. On Wednesday, we had a special visit. Some Police Officers came to the kinder and had a presentation for us. They explained different safety tips for the kids.  Terrific Tigers really enjoyed it!

During Creativity, we have been making crafts according to the topics. Our kiddos made a police officer’s car and a Valentine’s hot air balloon!

Also, in class, we have been talking about Valentine’s Day and the importance of friendship and sharing.

Valentine´s Day celebration is coming up on Friday, February 14th! The Party Hosts will provide snacks, so instead of sending a lunchbox on that day, please just send their water bottle. Terrific Tigers will exchange Valentine’s treats with their friends. Please label only who it’s from, so we make it easier for the kids to pass them out. Also, make sure to send a bag for your child to collect them.

Next week we will continue learning about other community helpers.

We hope you have a great weekend!

Bye Bye January!

This was a wintery blast for our Terrific Tigers! They learned more about winter, woodland animals and winter sports.

During Creativity we made a weekly project, which included: the ocean, a polar bear, baby beluga and penguins. This activity gave us the opportunity to review several winter animals that were seen throughout the month of January.

In Physical Development we have been exercising and practicing following directions and taking turns. Our kiddos are getting better and better at their gross motor skills.

Next week, we will start learning about different community helpers. Also, “Pedro Ardilla” and the police will visit us at the kinder on Wednesday, February 5th.

Please remember there will be no classes on Monday, February 3rd.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Animals Everywhere!

This week was super fun! During Story Time we started learning new vocabulary words about winter animals. Our Terrific Tigers were able to learn about their habitat by looking at pictures on different books.

At Exploration Time, our kiddos enjoyed using our sensory box to find several animals “hiding” in their habitat. After finding them, each one was able to describe something related to that animal.

During Physical Development we pretended to be different animals and went crawling, jumping and balancing through “our habitat”. Tigers had so much fun exercising while listening to new songs.

Thank you so much to all the grandmothers that came to the kinder for our “Grandma’s Day Celebration”. Our kiddos were so happy to have them here. They had the opportunity to work and had a lovely morning together.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!