Caterpillars Love Animals!

Hello Caterpillars!

This week we have been learning more about jungle, forest and dessert animals. On our Instagram videos we reviewd the ABC’s, as well as some animals and the sound they make. We also reviewed numbers, shapes, days of the week and months of the year! Hopefully our Caterpillars are enjoyIng every Live Video!

Did you like the different crafts planned for this week? Which one was your favorite? Also, remember to check out the different activities we constantly post on instagram so you have more ideas of fun learning games to do with your kiddo at home!

Did you enjoyed Mr. Mike’s Circle Time videos? We love seeing him everyday! Don’t forget to watch our instagram videos, craft tutorials and Mr. Mike’s youtube channel. Parents are the best teachers, so lets keep on teaching our Caterpillars at home! It is very important for them to continue learning each day.

Next week we will learn about pets, such as: dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, turtle, frongs, rabbit, fish, hamster and guinea pig.

Enjoy the weekend and take care!

More Jungle Animals!

Hi Caterpillars!

We hope you are having a great time with your family! We miss you a lot!

This week we had many beautiful crafts! Which one was your favorite? Thank you for sharing videos and pictures of our Caterpillars! We love to see them grow!

Did you enjoy Mr. Mike’s Circle Time? During the week he showed us many interesting activities. We loved watching “Jump along Joey”, “Zany Zebra”, “Terrific Tiger”, “Hungry Hippos” and “The Flamingo Dance”.

Next week we will continue learning more about animals, such as: Bear, Jaguar, Birds, Forest and Desert Animals.

Remember to join our daily Instagram LIVES!

Be safe,

Have a fun weekend!

Exploring The Jungle!

Hi Caterpillars!

This week we had fun learning about different animals that live in the Jungle. We hope you are enjoying the activites we have planned for you! Please share pictures and videos with us, we love seeing them!

Our weekly crafts turned out beautiful! Thank you so much for doing them! We love seeing how you experience new materials and techniques!

Remember than on Sunday we celebrate Mommy! Hope you enjoy baking cookies together! We are anxious to see pictures!

Next week we will continue talking about more jungle animals, such as: Kangaroo, Zebra, Tiger, Hippopotamus and Flamingo!!

Remember to join Miss Martha and Miss Luly in our daily Instagram LIVE.

Stay home and be safe,

Have a great weekend!

Enjoying Our Garden!

Hello Caterpilllars!

We hope you enjoyed all the activities we planned for you this week. Did you had the time to explore your garden while learning all the different insects?

Thank you for sending photos of you doing several crafts. They turned out lovely! Remember to water your plants so they can grow big and strong.

Next week we will learn about several jungle animals, such as: Elephant, Monkey, Crocodile, Lion and Giraffe. Keep on checking your social media for upcoming activities and surprises!

Thank you so much for your support,

We love you and miss you!

Our Caterpillars Keep on Learning!

Hello Caterpillars!

We have been very happy doing our LIVES and tutorial videos on Instagram! We hope you have been enjoying them!

Did you like your bugs jar? What insects were inside? Maybe you might find some of those in your front or backyard. How did your lacing technique went? This exercises are really helpful to start developing our fine motor skills.

Its been quite a month with many changes and challenges! We want to thank you for your support and for helping us make this possible!

Next week we will be learning about Bees, Caterpillars and Butterflies! We hope you continue enjoying all the new and fun activites we have for you!

Always sending you a lot of Love,

Have a Great Weekend!

Time to Shine!

Hello! We hope you had a wonderful time with your family, full of love!

This week we reviewed insects! We hope you enjoyed all the different activities we planned!  Did you had the chance to go outside to your garden and look for different insects?

For our Morning Routine we are hosting Instagram Lives. We review the wheather, days of the week, months, ABC, colors, shapes, animal sounds, etc with our awesome songs!! We we love you see you there!

Creativity was so much fun! We hope you enjoyed the Video Tutorial We have been uploading to Instagram! Remember to check them out!

Next week we will be learning about ants, worms, ladybugs, fly, swatter and more insects.

Have a Wonderful Weekend and stay safe!

Beautiful Caterpillars!

Another week went by! Are you enjoying all the videos and ideas we are posting on instagram?

Remember to also watch Mr.Mike’s & Miss Mely’s Videos! We are sure our little ones will love them!

Some vocabulary words that we will be learning during the month are: Spring Green (reduce, reuse & recycle), Growing: Seed, Soil, Sun, Water & Plant, Umbrella & Boots, Plants, Flowers, Bushes & Trees. We will have many fun and exciting activities planned for our kiddos!

Keep on checking your social media for upcoming activities and surprises!

Stay home & enjoy this wonderful time with your family!!

We send you lots of Love!

Colorful Easter Time!

Hello! We hope that everyone is fine and having lots of fun with the different activities/videos we have been sharing.

Thank you so much for dedicating and participating on the different activities. We are sure they are enjoying this time with you!

It is lovely seeing our Caterpillars! Please send us any photos or videos so we can share them on Instagram, this way their clasmates can see each other!

Next week’s vocabulary words will be: Parade, Trike, Bike, Ride, Review Ecology, Easter Parade, Rainbow, Wind, Kites and review Spring.

Please take care and we hope to see you soon!

Hello Spring!

Thankyou for your effort this week! We hope that the different videos and activities we planned for you were helpful!

We would like to know how our Caterpillars have been enjoying the activities and videos planned for them, so please send us any videos or photos you have taken. We would like to share them on our Instagram, so all their classmates can see each other.

Next week’s vocabulary words will be: Easter Bunny, Making Baskets, Coloring Eggs, Hide, Seek & Find, Roleplay Easter Bunny. We wish you like the live Instagrams and activities we have planned for next week!

Take Care and hope to see you soon!

Old MacDonald Had a Farm!

This week we talked and learned about farm animals. They learned the different sounds each one makes. Our Caterpillars found out that the rooster is the one who crows each morning. We can see how they love to review all of different sounds that the farm animals make.

During Exploration Time we did animal puzzles, it is wonderful to see how our Caterpillars enjoyed doing them.

Our little ones also practiced singing: “Old MacDonald had a farm”. They enjoyed singing this song with Mr. Mike!

Next week we will learn about spring, some new vocabulary words will be: Spring Green (reduce, reuse & recycle) & St. Patrick’s Day, Umbrella, Boots, Growing: Seed, Soil, Sun, Water & Plant, Flowers, Bushes & Trees.

Have a nice long weekend!