Easter Rabbit is Almost Here!

Hi Big Bears,

First we want to let you know that we miss you a lot! But we have to be safe and stay home. We are sure you are having lots of fun with your family.

Did you had time to listen to the “Rabbit Ears Story” by Amber Stewart? I thought it was a great story. Are you teaching your family how to do different physical development exercises? Please send as many pictures or videos saying the rhymes or poems.

Are you enjoying the videos and activities in our instagram page? Today we posted a special dance called “When Ms. Caya gets crazy”! It’s Friday!

Hope to see you soon, have a wonderful weekend!

Easter Time!

Hello Busy Bees!

How have you been doing this week? Thank you so much for connecting with us during the live sessions! We have so much fun interacting with you! It is lovely seeing all of the projects and pictures that you sent, please keep them coming!

Next weeks topics are going to be: bike, vehicle, trike, easter parade, ecology, rainbow, wind and spring. Stay safe at home and we”ll see you very soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Spring is Here!

This week has been a little tough on all of us and we have to get used to our temporary new routine. We are preparing fun activities for you and also live videos so we can see each other! You can Interact with us by making the same Experiments and Creativity projects as we are.

This is going to be a new challenge that we know we are going to conquer!! Please don’t forget to record videos or take picture while you are doing some of the activities, we would like to share them on our instagram so all of your classmates may see them!

Next week we will have many Easter activities and surprises!

We Miss you and hope to see you all very soon!

Coronavirus Contingency Plan

16 de marzo del 2020

Estimados Padres de Familia:

Después de muchas horas de consideración ante el problema mundial que enfrentamos con la presencia del COVID-19 y teniendo siempre en mente el bienestar de los niños y de la comunidad a la pertenecemos, hemos tomado la  decisión de suspender las clases presenciales en nuestras instalaciones a partir del martes 17 de marzo de 2020 y hasta nuevo aviso, con el objetivo de ser preventivos y contribuir a la mitigación de la pandemia.

Todos sabemos que no asistir al kínder es difícil tanto para los niños como para ustedes. Pero también sabemos que hay formas de transformar estos momentos imprevistos en casa y convertirlos en oportunidades para que los niños continúen aprendiendo, pensando y creciendo.

Con este propósito, estamos preparando actividades académicas y videos interactivos para  seguir enriqueciendo su aprendizaje. Via WhatsApp, les notificaremos como podrán accesar este material. Les agradecemos de antemano su paciencia y comprensión.

Se estará monitoreando y analizando periódicamente la evolución de esta situación tan especial, y los mantendremos informados de cualquier novedad.

De parte del personal de Toddler Tree, reciban nuestros mejores deseos en estos tiempos difíciles que afrontamos.


Mr. Mike Severeid


March 16, 2020

Dear Parents:

After many hours of consideration concerning the world pandemic that we are currently facing with the COVID-19, and always keeping in mind the well being of the kids and the community to which we belong, we have taken the decision to suspend classes beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2020 until further notice, with the purpose of being proactive and hopefully mitigating this crisis.
We know that missing classes isn’t easy for your kids or for you. But we also know there are simple ways to turn unexpected time at home into exciting opportunities for your children to learn, think and grow.

Given the situation, we are preparing educational activities and interactive videos that will be available to you via internet, to continue enhancing the learning of your children from home.

We will notify you via WhatsApp how to access this material.

We will be continually monitoring and analyzing the developments of this situation and will keep you informed of any changes.

We hope that you and your children stay safe and healthy, and wish you the best of luck during this stressful time.

Best wishes from all of us at Toddler Tree.


Mr. Mike Severeid

We Are Polar BEARS!

This week we enjoyed learning about forest animals, penguins, and polar bears.  Big Bears had so much fun discovering the habitat and surroundings of these animals. During Exploration, we experienced playing with “snow” and they really liked the feeling of it.

At Physical development, our kiddos pretended to be exercising polar bears. We prepared a circuit that involved different movements, did they enjoy it!

Our sincere thanks to all our dearest grandmothers who visited the Big Bears class at Toddler Tree. It was such a pleasure to have them and our students were delighted! They performed their very best with all their love. We truly appreciated the grandmas’ enthusiastic work on the projects, too. It was a unique and unforgettable experience for all of us!

Please listen to your child while he/she sings the song we dedicated to grandma “I Love You”:

When I’m near
I feel your love.
But when I’m far…
I miss you a lot!
I want to say:
I love you, very much!

Another rhyme they presented was “Snowflakes”:

Snowflakes,  snowflakes
Turn around
Snowflakes,  snowflakes
Touch the ground
Snowflakes, snowflakes
In the air
Snowflakes Everywhere!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Holidays!

This week we reviewed everything we learned during December. It had been a month full of magic and fun!

For now, we hope you have a loving and fun-filled vacation. Have a wonderful time with your family during this Christmas break. Remember we will see you back on Tuesday,January 7th. When we come back, the Big Bears will be learning topics related to winter.

We would like to thank you all for the lovely presents you gave us this holiday season. We really appreciate you taking the time to think about us.

Although we are really going to miss our Big Bears, we hope you enjoy these days with them. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and the best for the New Year to come, 2020!

We hope you enjoy the Holidays!

Ho – Ho – Ho

We are happy to have you back! During this week we started working on several Christmas decorations. Big Bears had a great time using their fine motor skills and imagination.

Everyday when our students arrive to school they tell us what they asked for Christmas and how is Santa always watching them! Today they felt so excited when sent picked up their Christmas letters. It was a magical day at Toddler Tree!

At Physical Development, they have been practiciing with Miss Mely for their Christmas Program performances and are eager to show you!

Our Big Bears love learning songs, poems and rhymes. During this month we are learning new ones related to Christmas. You should see how their eyes glow!

Next week on Tuesday, December10th we will have our Christmas program at Candy Gum Party Place (Plaza San Pedro).

A quick reminder: please remember to label all jackets and sweaters to avoid mix ups.

Have a great weekend!

Flu Flu Go Away!

(para español, ver abajo)

Dear Parents,

We want to make a careful call to raise awareness about the health and welfare of our students and their families by avoiding diseases and minimizing disease transmission.

Before the appearance of the first symptoms of a disease it is advisable to seek a pediatrician in order to avoid confusing a common cold with some other more serious disease. Parents can help reduce disease transmission by not bringing the child to kinder when the child has mild symptoms of illness. According to specialists, in the face of suspected illness, it is best that the child does not come to class. Similarly, it is important to treat a cold with rest and fluids to help a speedy recovery. We know that a poorly cured cold can become a more complicated disease.

Another interesting point is the cold of a member of the family that can be transmitted to a minor and become something more serious because his immune system is more fragile. Hygiene is very important in these cases: wash your hands frequently and clean the utensils used by the child in order to prevent disease transmission among family members.

At Toddler Tree, children wash their hands after using the toilet, coming in from the playground, working with paint and before eating. We take daily cleaning measures on table surfaces, furniture, toys and manipulatives. Also, equipment and objects that are in direct contact with our teachers and students are cleaned with prepared hygienic solutions.

Always looking for general wellness of our students and staff as a priority, we thank you for taking these steps in maintaining the health and well-being of your children.

Toddler Tree


Estimados Padres de Familia:

Preocupados siempre por el bienestar de nuestros alumnos, queremos hacer un atento llamado a concientizarnos más sobre la salud de los niños y así evitar enfermedades y/o contagios.

Ante la aparición de los primeros síntomas de una enfermedad es recomendable acudir a al pediatra y no restarle importancia, evitando confundir un resfriado común con alguna otra enfermedad más seria. Los padres podemos contribuir a reducir los contagios al no llevar al niño al kínder cuando presenta leves síntomas de una enfermedad. Según los especialistas, ante la sospecha de una enfermedad, lo mejor es que el niño no acuda a clase. De igual manera, es importante atender un resfriado con descanso y líquidos para ayudar a una pronta recuperación. Sabemos que un resfriado mal curado puede convertirse en una enfermedad más complicada.

Otro punto interesante es el resfriado de algún miembro de la familia que puede ser trasmitido a un menor y convertirse en algo más grave, pues su sistema inmunitario es más frágil.  La higiene es muy importante en estos casos: lavarse las manos con frecuencia y limpiar bien los utensilios que utiliza el niño con la intención de evitar más contagios entre los miembros de la familia.

En Toddler Tree los niños se lavan las manos después de ir al baño, de salir a recreo, de trabajar con pintura y antes de tomar alimentos. Tomamos medidas de limpieza diaria tanto en las superficies donde se sirven los alimentos como en el material y los salones de clase. También el equipo y los objetos que están en contacto directo con nuestros maestros y alumnos son limpiados con soluciones preparadas para mantener la higiene.

Procurando siempre la salud como prioridad,  agradecemos de antemano su colaboración en la salud y el bienestar de sus hijos.

Toddler Tree

Thanksgiving Celebration!

We had a great Thanksgiving celebration at school! Our Big Bears had a complete Thanksgiving meal. Mrs. Maricusa set a beautiful table where some nice pictures were taken. During lunch time, they each got a plate with the traditional Thanksgiving meal: turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, raisins,and sweet potatoes (yams).

After lunch time, we played pin the feathers on the turkey , food relay, shakers, fishing and also used rhythm instruments enjoying every second.

They also had fun with the turkey bag and their headdresses reciting the rhyme: Gobble, Gobble” and singing : “Turkey, Turkey!  Wow what a week full of excitement!

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! We look forward to seeing our Big Bears on Monday, December the 2nd.

Take care!