This week at Toddler Tree we have been learning about different types of jungle animals.

During Creativity, we made several projects to continue developing our fine and gross motor skills such as: coloring inside the line (inside/outside), how to use the scissors (open/close), how to use glue stick and pasting shapes.

In Physical Development we have been practicing the songs and steps for our PreSchool of Rock program. The Tigers are doing an amazing job. We are really looking forward to showing you what they have been working on!

In Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed us some pictures and stuffed animals to teach us the differences between each animal. Our kids enjoyed role-playing too!

Today we had the Vet visit kinder, and our kiddos enjoyed it so much! Liz, the vet, brought a Golden Retriever named Leo and taught us about how we need to take care of dogs.

Next week, is pet week. If you want to bring your pet to the kinder please let Nora know to schedule a day and time.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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