Bears Performance

All Big Bears need to dress in jeans and a white turtleneck or top with sneakers for the show.  The first act is the rhyme about:
                                                       ICE and SNOW                                   


                                 Ice and snow , cold winds blow,                         

Hop aboard our sleigh.
Oh, what fun it is to play

Winter games today.


Ice and snow , cold winds  blow,

Let’s be  on our  way.

Oh , what fun it is to play

Winter games today !

Cheer , cheer ,cheer

An old year is almost gone.

We celebrate  with  all our  friends!

Clap, clap, clap our  hands.

A brand – new year is  to  come.

HAPPY  2 0 1 4 !!!!


Caterpillars and Butterflies Winter Fun

Please dress up your child in black (pants, top and shoes). Mrs. Vero will supply accessories for the kids to wear as simple costumes. The kidss will perform as penguins for the following songs:
Click here for Waddlin Walk


Frosty the Snowman
In relation to the penguins, the kids have really been enjoying this lovely story: Little Penguin’s Tale