Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Big Bears had a week full of excitement! They reviewed the different types of transportation: land, air, and water. The kids were able to express which was their favorite type of transportation and vehicle.

Our students also learned how important our community helpers are and what each one does so we can safe.

On Tuesday, the Rescue Team visited Toddler Tree. We were very excited to see what they have and do to help us in case of an emergency. They taught the kids how to dial 911.

On Wednesday, the Big Bears had a great time during the Firefighter’s visit. The firefighters dressed up in their gear and showed us the equipment they use in a fire. They also showed us what they wear when they have to get close to a beehive. Mr. Mike even wore the jacket to demonstrate.

The highlight of the visit was when the Big Bears had a chance to hold the hose and spray water. Wow! What a cool experience!

Another topic we covered this week was outer space. The kids loved role-playing a trip to space and now know what an astronaut is. They learned how he/she floats in space wearing a special suit and tank. The Big Bears understood we live on planet “Earth” and the characteristics of other planets. Check out how your child sings the following song:

“Zoom, zoom, zoom”

We are going to the moon

Zoom, zoom, zoom

We´ll get there very soon

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0


Big Bears also learned how to recite “I am a Little Airplane ”

I´m a little airplane
flying in the sky

Flying fast,
Flying slow,

Flying hide, flying low

Going up,coming down,

I´m a little airplane flying in the sky !

Next week, we will start learning about spring and many concepts related to it!

We want to remind you that our Easter Party is coming up soon. So, if possible, please collect and send as many eggshells as you can. We will appreciate your help very much!

Have a nice weekend!

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