Zoo Animals

Hello Parents,

This week the crawling caterpillars enjoyed reviewing zoo animals. Most students can already recognize the sounds of certain animals. During creativity we made a lion and snake, using different techniques. The kids loved singing and dancing during circle time “Going to the Zoo” and “Do the Monkey”. The children sang while using animal hats, animal masks and plush toys. The children have been practicing hard for the end of the year Alo-Hawaii program during our physical development class. They’ve been learning new moves and songs and are happy to be performing for you. During story time, our students  loved “The lady with the Alligator Purse”, “Brown Bear” and “Good Night gorilla”.

This week’s vocabulary words were:
crocodile, elephant, tiger, kangaroo, bear, rhinoceros,

Next we will start learning about sea animals. Such as fish, shark, whale, dolphin, crab, lobster, starfish and seahorse.

Just to remind you on Wednesday May 30th we will be having our End of the Year Program . Be sure to mark your calendars!
Thank you so much for your kind gestures on teachers day! We feel blessed to be in this field of work! Thanks for entrusting your children to us.

Miss Debbie

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